Josh is flexing his muscles

Josh Goodfellow (left) with Mark Smith, winner of the Hercules Olympia event.
Josh Goodfellow (left) with Mark Smith, winner of the Hercules Olympia event.

You can’t deny that Josh Goodfellow has pecs appeal.

That’s because the 22-year-old has been picking up plenty of recognition - and trophies - on the disabled bodybuilding circuit.

On May 3 Josh scooped top spot in the Mr Hull East Coast show, to add to the runners-up trophy he collected the previous day at the Atlas Rise of the Spartans event in Milton Keynes.

And the Bostonian’s busy schedule saw him add another second place title last Saturday at Colchester’s Hercules Olympia, where he also claimed third place overall.

“I’ve always had a competitive desire, and just to be on the stage and picking up a trophy is a great feeling,” admitted Josh, who took up the sport 15 months ago after hanging up his spikes and saying farewell to a junior sprinting career that saw him collect a series of national awards.

But Josh admits that his proudest moment has not been the silverware he has won, but the fact he is now able to watch others compete.

He was one of a number of people who have pushed hard to raise awareness of disabled bodybuilding, something which you would hardly ever see at shows in the past.

And the movement has certainly taken off... showing a 1,500 per cent increase in participation over the past two years.

“For me it has always been more rewarding to see other people taking part, and to be part of something which has really developed,” added Josh, who was born with cerebral palsy.

“It’s been a humbling experience. But it’s been really good to see people taking an interest in disability bodybuilding, and to see a category added to so many shows.

“Hopefully, it can also encourage other people to take it up.

“There are probably lots of people out there who would like to try it but felt they weren’t able to.”

Josh currently works as a physical trainer at the Workhouse Gym.