Kickboxers are tasting success

Cally Sutton.
Cally Sutton.

Cally Sutton, from Kirton’s Zen Academy, fought extremely well to win her category at the Northampton Open.

She convincingly beat all her opponents, including the Irish Open champion.

Cally (pictured) only took up kickboxing three months ago.

She has now had six fights, five of those ending in victory.

Her only loss came to a second dan black belt with a considerable weight advantage.

She will now fight in the ring for the first time at the end of September in Manchester, where three other Zen members will also make their ring debuts.

Also in action at the open were competitors from Boston’s Evolution Martial Arts.

Ten-year-old Ambie Brockelsby scooped two trophies, one for second place in his points category and one for third in the continuous section.

Chelsea Leggatt, 13, earned a brilliant fourth place in her points fighting.

Nesta Baxter, also 13, was second in her continuous fight category.

Nesta also competed for tTeam Blue Blood in the team continuous event.

She helped them take third spot.

Zac Baldry, nine, came runner-up in his points fight.