Kickboxers strike gold as they help fighter Daz

Fighters at the Daz Ellis event.
Fighters at the Daz Ellis event.

Fighters from Boston’s Evolution Martial Arts were striking gold at the recent Daz Ellis Open.

The event, held at the North Solihull Sports Venue, was organised to raise funds for one of the greatest fighters in kickboxing - Daz Ellis - who has recently been diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

The competition raised a fantastic £7,130.32 towards treatment for Daz in Russia.

The Boston club took 17 fighters.

Taking the first gold of the day was Paige Stedman, 10, who was fighting in the intermediate girls’ -16 years -37kg point fighting category.

Paige also fought in the advanced girls’ -16 years -37kg points, where she placed fourth.

Next to take a gold was Talon Chambers, 10, in the intermediate boys’ -16 years +55kg points.

The third gold of the day was taken by Nesta Baxter, 16, who fought in the junior girls’ 16-18 years light continuous section.

Nesta also fought in the junior 16-18 years girls’ -55kg points, claiming bronze.

Five of the Evolution fighters made it to the finals but finished their category with a silver placing.

Mackenzie Warrant, 10, claimed his silver in the intermediate boys’ -16yrs -37kg light continuous and was fourth in the intermediate boys’ -16yrs -37kg points.

Zac Baldry, 13, claimed his silver medal in the boys’ -16yrs -47kg light continuous category, where he fought well in only his second continuous fight.

Also taking a silver medal at the Daz Ellis Open was Kev Hunter who fought in the men’s +80kg light continuous.

Tammy Horton won silver in the intermediate ladies’ open weight point fighting division.

The final silver of the day was claimed by Lee Brocklesby in the men’s open weight points.

Rhys Coleman, 17, took bronze in the junior men’s (16-18 years) points -63kg division.

Runner-up accolades went to Evolution fighters Tyler Hilham, Mason Vaughan, Teegan Aldis, Kyle Green, Ellis Vaughan, John Chambers, Olivia Green and Riley Brocklesby.