Koreans put on kuk sool show

The Korean team with Boston students.
The Korean team with Boston students.

Kuk Sool Won Boston welcomed 27 South Korean students to the town as part of the martial art’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

These children were aged between eight and 20 years and made up the Korean World Demonstration Team, led by seventh degree Master Eu Jung Park.

It was the highest honour that the Boston school was chosen to look after the Korean demonstration team for the week.

The weekend prior to the arrival of the demonstration team, Grand Master Kuk Sa Nym celebrated his 80th birthday with a meal in the town.

He had stated he wanted to celebrate his birthday in the town a decade ago.

Fifth degree black belt Master Sonny Boyall and blue belt Mark White looked after the Korean demonstration team all week.

Transport was leant to the school by Haven High Academy.

The Korean demonstration team had a fantastic week, visiting local points of interest such as Burghley House and Lincoln Castle and also Harry Potter World.

The visitors trained at the Kuk Sool Won Boston school every day for four hours and performed a special demonstration at Haven High Academy in front of special guests from the community, including MP Matt Warman and members of Boston police.

The demonstration was also attended by ninth degree Masters Sung Jin Suh and Master Barry Harmon, from Houston, Texas.

The Korean team joined Boston students in travelling to Norwich for the weekend to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Kuk Soul Won.

Students took part in national black belt testings, a European Tournament and a grand demonstration was given on the Saturday evening.

The Koreans performed traditional archery and incorporated traditional Korean drumming into their demonstration.