Kuk Sool

Boston Kuk Sool Won students attended the annual Kuk Sool European championships at King’s Lynn.

Students put in extra practice and it paid off with nearly everyone walking away with at least one medal. Some of the children were even moved up an age category and still won medals. With over 500 competitors from around Europe Boston school instructors were happy with the medal count.

Medal winners – Rysian Boyall (gold and copper), Arjan Boyall (bronze), Daisy Samra (2 copper), Thomas Scuffham (2 bronze, 1 copper), Abigail Swinn (silver), Michael Newton (2 copper, 1 silver) Cody Avison (gold), Adithi Reddy (silver), Ryan Chuter (silver), Angelina Kiss (bronze), Navya Nigil (2 bronze, 1 copper), Pranav Arya (bronze), Shriya Arya (copper), Rithika Koshy (copper), Rayna Koshy (2 silver, 1 bronze), Gemma Dennis (bronze), Anton Kiss (2 gold, 1 copper), Calum Kiss (bronze), Brandon Smith (bronze).