Kuk Sool’s championship medals

Pictured are Kuk Sool members with their medals.
Pictured are Kuk Sool members with their medals.

Students from Boston Kuk Sool Won competed in the annual European Championships, which attracted nearly 700 competitors.

Students only had three weeks to prepare for the competition, but most won medals as the school placed joint-10th overall.

Claiming medals in the Korean martial art were: Arjan Boyall (silver techniques, bronze sparring), Kamile Kairate (silver sparring), Finley Bostosk (copper sparring), Kian Imeraj (bronze forms, copper sparring), Leiton Imeraj (gold forms, silver techniques), Ben Smith (gold forms, gold techniques, silver sparring), Harry Jackson (copper techniques), Eden Bryan (copper forms, copper techniques, copper staff), Abigail Dunmore (copper techniques, silver staff), Thomas Beck (copper forms, gold sparring), Matty Ruiz (copper techniques, gold sparring), Jessica Dickson (silver forms, silver techniques, bronze sparring), Tayo Bridges (copper forms, copper techniques), Zak Hudson (copper staff), Jacob Goddard (copper sparring), Mark White (bronze techniques, gold sparring), Stefano Fiore (bronze forms, copper sparring), George Kerby (bronze forms, gold techniques, silver sparring), Gary Wright (copper forms, silver sparring, bronze staff), Keegan Wright (bronze forms, silver techniques, gold sparring), Torsten Groves (bronze sparring), Shania Johnstone (copper forms, bronze techniques), Matt Denison (gold sparring).

Also taking part at the event were Sam Jackson, Riya Rambini, Maira Saeed and Aaron Thomas.