Kuk Sool Won Euro medals

The Kuk Sool Won medal winners.
The Kuk Sool Won medal winners.

A team from Boston Kuk Sool Won took part at the Korean martial arts’ European Championships at Norwich’s University of East Anglia.

They competed alongside students from across the continent in traditional forms, joint lock techniques and sparring.

Medals were won by Harrison Belcher (copper in techniques, bronze in traditional forms), Max Cowern (silver in sparring), Alex Whelan (silver in sparring), Lex Groves (silver in sparring), Rodrigo Quevedo (silver in traditional forms, copper in sparring), Javier Quevedo (silver in sparring , copper in techniques) - all pictured.

Also competing were Abigail Dunmore, Sharavi Verma, Adithi Reddy and Navya Nigil.

Boston Kuk Sool Won has now moved into its new home on Merlin Terrace, Marsh Lane, Boston and is welcoming new members.

For details log on to www.kuksoolwonboston.com