Kuk Sool Won members make the grade

Youngsters during their Kuk Sool Won gradings.
Youngsters during their Kuk Sool Won gradings.

More than 50 members of Boston Kuk Sool Won martial arts club took part in the school summer grading.

The students underwent a rigorous 90 minutes of testing in the extreme heat.

Each had to demonstrate their skills in forms and techniques to a panel of judges.

They also had to submit a hand-written essay on various subjects depending on the grade they were testing for.

Some students were taking part in their first grading.

Successful students were:

Yellow tag - Riley Bell, Joseph Butler, Max Cowern, Abigail Dunmore, Charlie Noone, Aleksandr Raspopovs, Aaron Thomas, Andrzej Thomaszyk.

Yellow belt - Sam Hopper, Saul Hopper, Joe Nicholls, Bethany Warner.

Blue tag - Aliya Back, Matthew Lewis, Ellie May Padley, Richard Spilman, Cai Thompson, Reilly Warren.

Blue belt - Freddie Garnham, Isabel Groves, Tess Hoyles, Fatima Imran, Laiba Imran, Esme Jackson, Jessica Scuffham, Alex Whelan.

Red tag - Paru Kurup, Stacey Parnham, Bilal Shafi Yahya.

Red belt - Finley Bryan, Summer Bryan, Richard Green, Lennox Groves, Chris Howlett.

Brown tag - Robert Bryan, Shayla Johnson, Javier Quevedo, Deborah Wilson.

Brown belt - Kiera Coxon, Tim Thomas.

Black tag - Shameer Khan.

Dan Bo Nim Two black tags - Siddarth Ananad, Pabudu Piyatissa, Rodrigo Quevedo, Abigail Swinn.

Dan Bo Nim Three black tags - Shriya Arya, Cody Avison, Reece Chuter, Pamod Piyatissa.

Seven further students were invited to take part in their first national testing session, the penultimate step to becoming a black belt.

This testing took place in King’s Lynn, under the supervision and scrutiny of Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh, the founder of Kuk Sool Won.

During the four hours of tesgting, students demonstrate forms and techniques as well as good etiquette, general fitness and stamina.

The students involved were: Pranav Arya, Rayna Koshy, Theo Nicholson, Navya Nijil, Tom Rush, Brandon Smith and Sharavi Verma.

Boston Kuk Sool Won meets at Boston High School, Spilsby Road, on Monday and Thursday evenings (beginners 6-6.45pm, adults 7.30-8.45pm).

For more information, contact principal instructor Sonny Boyall on 07710 444662.