Kuk Sool Won students make the grade

The Kuk Sool Won students.
The Kuk Sool Won students.

Kuk Sool Won Boston held a coloured belt grading event.

Each exam is different to keep students on their toes and this time students spent 90 minutes performing kicks, squats, hand strikes and push ups.

Once they were physically exhausted they had to perform solo in front of the grading panel, who selected a random set of trials.

This was to test the students’ mental attitudes and their spirit.

After the adults grading there were two children’s grading with the advance children’s class getting a similar grading to adults.

Junior children’s class spent only 15 minutes on the kicks before performing everything else in groups.

Promotions went to: Over three black tags - Pamod Piyatissa, Pubudu Piyatissa, Isabel Groves, Jessica Scuffham, Shayla Johnson, Finley Bryan, Summer Bryan, Tess Hoyles; Two black tags (Dahn Bo Nim) - Alex Whelan; One black tag - Laiba Imran, Fatima Imran, Ellie May Padley; Brown belt - Keegan Wright; Brown tag - Emilija Makarevicius, Martynas Makarevicius, Max Cowern, Aaron Thomas; Red belt - Joshua Scuffham. Andrzej Tomaszyk, Ellie Patton, Carl Richmond, Gary Wright, Stefano Fiore, Zac Hudson, Eden Bryan, Maira Saeed; Red tag - Chloe Patton, Okasha Farooq Dar, Harrison Belcher, Alex Gravestock, Jack Pittam, Finlay Pittam; Blue belt - Lewis Smith; Blue tag - Megan Bailey, Kyle Dell, Mikita Ananad, Leiton Imeraj, Kian Imeraj, Annabel Ross, Torsten Groves, Angus Martin, Benjamin Vickers; Yellow belt - Fenja Schaupp, Ross Clemow, Rebecca Howard, Lola Lock, Drew Taylor, Bethany Garner, Anaya Yousaf, Raheen Yousaf, Anvita Wayker, Chloe Richmond, Zaid Gatta; Yellow tag - Robert James, Thomas Beck, Carlos Belascoain, Ann Thomas, Jack Garner, Samuel Jackson, Harry Jackson, Dominic Crawford, Benas Ambotas.