Kuk Sool Won trio strike Euro golds at Norwich finals

Sonny Boyall.
Sonny Boyall.

Kuk Sool Won Boston took a team of students to the University of East Anglia in Norwich for the martial arts’ annual European Championships.

Around 800 competitors from UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy were in action, with students competing in forms, joint locks and sparring sections.

Brown belts also competed is staff movement.

Torsten Groves, Gary Wright and Isabel Groves each claimed gold medals from their sparring sections.

Meanwhile, silvers were awarded to Josh Scuffham, Max Cowern, Bob Bryan, Keegan Wright and Lennox Groves.

Kuk Sool Won Boston head instructor Sonny Boyall says the school prefers to stress the importance of self-discipline and self defence to its students, rather than concentrating on claiming tournament successes.

Therefore he was particularly impressed by the results from the students.

He said: “The Boston school has never focused too much on tournaments, preferring to concentrate on traditional aspects of martial arts, making every medal was well earned.”

The medal winners and participants were: Drew Taylor (copper forms, techniques and sparring), Eden Bryan (bronze techniques, copper forms), Kian Imeraj (bronze forms and techniques), Leiton Imeraj (copper forms and techniques), Stefano Fiore, Josh Scuffham (silver sparring, copper forms and techniques), Torsten Groves (gold sparring, copper techniques and forms), Harrison Belcher (bronze forms), Abigail Dunmore, Alex Whelan (copper forms and techniques), Finley Bryan (bronze sparring), Jessica Scuffham (copper forms), Ellie May Paddley (bronze forms), Tess Hoyles (bronze forms), Max Cowern (silver sparring), Shayla Johnson (bronze staff weapon), Bob Bryan (silver sparring, bronze forms), Gary Wright (gold sparring), Keegan Wright (silver techniques, copper forms), John Smith, Isabel Groves (gold sparring), Lennox Groves (silver sparring), Reilly Warren (copper sparring), Reece Chuter (copper sparring).