Kuks Sool members’ European golds

Pictured are some of the medal winners.
Pictured are some of the medal winners.

Members of Boston’s Kuk Sool Won martial arts club scooped 49 medals at the annual European Tournament.

Forty Bostonians were among the 700 competitors from across the continent who travelled to King’s Lynn.

Boston’s team were aged between five and 46 years of age, and many were competing for their first time.

Matthew Lewis, seven, was the club’s top achiever, winning two gold medals and a silver.

Ben Samra won gold, bronze and copper medals, while Isobel Groves and Tim Thomas both each won gold and bronze medals.

The Boston competitors were: Abigail Dunmore (bronze forms, silver techniques), Abigail Swinn (copper sparring), Alex Whelan, Alice Flint (silver sword, bronze staff), Amy Firth (bronze sword), Arjan Boyall (bronze sparring), Aydah Ashraf, Benjamin Samra (gold sword, bronze sparring, copper forms), Bradon McNulty (Copper sparring), Cody Avison (bronze sparring), Daisy Samra (copper forms, copper techniques), Dominic Samra (silver forms), Ellie May Padley (copper forms, copper techniques), Finlay Bryan (silver sparring), Freddie Garnham, Iestyn Halford (silver forms, copper techniques), Isobel Groves (gold sparring, bronze forms), James Pauly (silver sparring, bronze formations, copper staff), Jessica Scuffham (copper formations), Lex Groves, Matthew Lewis (gold formations, silver sparring), Navya Nijil, Pamod Piyatissa (bronze forms), Paruathy Kurup, Pranav Arya (copper staff), Pubudu Piyatissa, Reece Chuter (silver techniques, copper sparring), Reilly Warren (copper sparring), Richard Green (bronze sparring), Riley Bell (bronze forms), Robert Bryan (bronze sparring, copper techniques), Rodrigo Quevedo (silver forms, silver sparring, bronze staff), Ryan Chuter (bronze forms) Sharavi Verma, Shayla Johnson, Siddarth Anand, Summer Bryan (silver forms, copper techniques, copper sparring), Tess Hoyles (bronze forms, bronze techniques), Theo Nicholson, Timothy Thomas (gold sparring, bronze formations).

Pictured are some of the club’s medallists after the event.