Looking up! Mayflower men ready for Bourne

Tim Bell.
Tim Bell.

Boston CC host Bourne on Saturday - looking to pick up their first victory over a top-three side this Lincs ECB Premier season.

“Player for player, Bourne are a better side,” admitted Mayflower men skipper Tom Baxter.

“They have some of the best cricketers in the league there and have lots of quality with bat and ball.”

Saturday’s victory over Alford ensured Boston had beaten the other eight sides in the league once each.

And now the club are looking upwards after moving into seventh spot.

“I have always said that, on our day, we can beat the majority of the sides in the league,” added Baxter.

“To be fair, there are a lot of sides that can do that on their day.”

Boston’s availability is not looking likely to improve as Tim Bell starts his football season.

“Belly has done really well this year and taken some really important wickets along the way,” added Baxter.

“He’s been very consistent.”

With three weeks remaining, Boston will still be looking to pick up every point available, but Baxter understands that they are massive underdogs going into their game on Saturday.

“After Saturday we finish against the current bottom two,” he said.

“We would like to win two of the final three games.

“We’ve spoken a lot recently about playing the best cricket we can.

“If we get beaten because the other side are better then so be it.

“At this level, it will happen.

“In the past three weeks, we have been the better side and have come away with three victories.”

The action begins at noon.