Mareham maintain their pole position

Division One

Mareham-le-Fen stay top of the Coningsby Bowls League after a close fought win over Forbes Road.

Tony Hall and his Forbes Road rink went down 21-9 to the Mareham rink skipped by Noel Bush, one rink was tied on 19-19, and the home rink of the Vinters with D France won 20-10, leaving the aggregate close before Mareham secured a 5-3 (50-48) win.

The Sleaford Road rink of the Hollands and J. Bloomfield won 35-11 to add to good wins on the other two, earning the home side a resounding win against visitors Freiston 8-0 (74-36), in a bottom of the division clash.

Playing at Sibsey, Freiston A drew a rink 20-20 but lost badly on the other two to the Millers, who won the match 7-1 (70-40).

Jubilee Park, never easy to beat, went down 8-0 (60-40) at West End B. with one rink close but with substantial home wins on the other two.

Division Two

A close finish at Stickney, with two rinks tied and West End A just making it 6-2 (52-49) due mainly to the 19-16 win by P. Maley, S. Tracey and J Vinter.

Stickney found Friskney in top form at home, losing on all three to record an 8-0 (68-36) win for the home side, with each rink winning by a similar margin to put Friskney top of the division.

Wrangle A showed West Skirbeck how the Wrangle green has to be played, winning on all three although being one man short didn’t help the visitors. The 8-0 (75-32) result possibly reflects that.

There was a close finish in the woods, with one rink tied and a good win each for Woodhall Town and Good Fellowship. With a 23-12 win J & S Moore with R. Allen just took the aggregate for the visitors to give a 5-3 (54-52) result.

Division Three

It looks to have been a good game at Donington with each rink close and a 20-14 win by the away rink of T. Reeson, B. Taylor and D. Sowter earning B.B.C.I a 4-4 (51-50) draw.

Woodhall Nymphs continue to struggle when despite a 22-19 win by D Macnaughton, H Trinder and I White they went down 6-2 (71-51) at home to top of the table Wrangle B.

The Nymphs got a better result at Kirton, however, winning two rinks to counter the 32-8 win by S Laurence and the Pitts for the home side to earn a 4-4 (58-41) draw.

BBC II struggled at home to Burton House, managing to tie one rink but losing badly on the other two with perhaps the 26-10 win by P. Horn, D. Whelbourn and M. Chester the pick of the results in the 7-1 (62-39) win.

Wrangle B took advantage of the excellent green at Sibsey, winning on all three to beat the Strollers 8-0 (64-44) and go top of the division over the home side.

BBC II had a close but conclusive win at home to Donington A, with one rink tied, a second taken by two shots but with shots to spare on the third in the 7-1 (48-39) result.

BBC I at home on the same evening, had a closer game with Burton House equal on one at 17-17, a four shot win on the second and going down by one shot on the third to give a 5-3 (66-63) finish.

Division Four

One rink tied 18-18 in the Forbes Road B game at home to Heckington and with the home rink skipped by Ray Loughran just scraping home by one shot, the 30-7 win by T. Bakewell, P. Needham and R. Goff earned the away side the aggregate and a 5-3 (64-42) result.

A 20-20 tie, an 18-11 win and a 33-13 win by the Dawsons and J. Murphy earned Wigtoft a home win against Freiston B 7-1 (71-44).

A tied rink and a close win for the home side appeared to put Sibsey Traders in with a chance at Wigtoft but a 32-9 win for A. Saunby, M. Chambers and N Smith of Wigtoft settled it for the home side giving a 7-1 (70-45) result.

The Freiston green proved too much for Bicker who went down 8-0 (60-41) to Freiston B although P. Massingham and his rink came close.

Three substantial rink wins in the Forbes Road v Sleaford Road II match with the home side winning two and the match 6-2 (60-45).

Division Five

Boston Park obviously know their Central Park green well. At home to Kirton C they won on all three, with the 24-8 win by capt A. H. Pape, N. Lockwood and B. Hanson possibly the pick of the bunch in the 8-0 (57-28) result.