Marian leads the charge

The Kuk Sool Won Boston team members.
The Kuk Sool Won Boston team members.

Kuk Sool Won Boston students have been competing in the martial art’s European Championships at Norwich Sports Park.

More than 800 competitors from all over Europe took part in the event.

Entrants compete in traditional aspects of the Korean martial art such as forms, joint lock techniques, sparring and wooden board breaking.

Black belts also compete in weapons forms.

The weekend starts with a national testing on the Friday morning, which lasts three hours.

After a lunch break the senior black tournament begins.

The next morning judges had to be back for 7am for a 8am start with under 18 years of age black belts competing.

After the black belts, all coloured belt students competed with the climax being a masters exhibition in the evening with new black belt promotions.

The oldest competitor for Boston was Marian Meggat (4th degree) who is in her 60s and faced challengers 40 years her junior.

In total the Boston school took 37 Students who had spent the past four Sunday mornings preparing.

Boston came away with a medal haul of 12 golds, 11 silvers, 18 bronzes and 15 coppers.

Also competing were Bradan McNulty, Ryan Chuter, Rodrigo Quevedo, Lex Groves, Isabel Groves, Bob Bryan, Summer Bryan, Finlay Bryan, Edan Bryan, Shayla Johnson, Gary Wright, Keegan Wright, Stefano Fiore, Carl Richmond, Ross Clemow, Kian Imeraj, Leiton Imeraj, Lily Bertram, Molly Bertram,Tess Hoyles, Drew Taylor, Sam Jackson, Harry Jackson, Zak Fairbanks, Annabel Ross, Torstan Grove, Laiba Imran, Alex Gravestock, Fstima Imran, Abigail Dunmore, Angus Martin, Tayo Bridges, Hugo Pereira, Bradley White, Alex Whelan an John Smith.

Boston WKSA would like to thank Audi Boston, Carpet Right, Kia Drayton Motors and Ferguson Music for sponsoring some of the competitors.