A good day’s work! Sue Beesley tops tennis table

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IN THE Bombay Brasserie Winter Singles Day League, Sue Beesley is in the lead ahead of Ladi Hruban and Jeremy George-Jones.

This month Sue plays all the male contenders in group one, including Ladi, Jeremy and Solomon Koomson.

In the immediate level of the divisions below are, in one group, Richard Tupper, Geoff Presland, Jim Mackin and Paul Smith and - in the adjacent one - Richard Walker, Phil Cosgriff, Chris Mepham and David Wookey.

Also in this league, there is competition for the most consistent player not in the top group.

Tracy Hull leads the table for this with 59 games won, ahead of Sue Beesley and Tony Rennick (50). Emily Hiew, Lyn Brocklehurst, Raj Varma and Sarah Ulyatt have 49 each.

The Bombay Brasserie League for 2012 has Calum McCaig as the leader of the Singles League, he is followed by Jeremy George-Jones and James Newton. Madeline Verdegaal is in fourth place and the leading lady.

January will see matches between Calum McCaig, James Newton, Zak McDonnell-Woods and Solomon Koomson, who are all in the top division for the month of January.

In the two lower divisions are Jeremy George-Jones, Anthony Hulley, Ladi Hruban and, in the parallel one, Jack Morrow, Madeline Verdegaal and Courtney George-Jones.

In the Lincolnshire Mini Tennis League, Boston A played Grantham and won, while Boston C narrowly lost out to St James after two very close matches. The mini players competing for Boston included Lucas East, Daniel Dorey, Matthew Gedney, Paris Royal, William Cheer, Thomas Hull, Harvey Vickers, Millie Alexander, Jordan Stone, Anton Kiss, Callum Kiss, Bradley Worth, Alastair Boothby, Lucy Hull and Harry Foster.

l DETAILS: Boston Tennis Club on 01205 355502.