A walk - or run - in the park attracts field of more than 200

Action from the start of the race. Photo: ParkRey.
Action from the start of the race. Photo: ParkRey.

A total of 209 entrants took part in the first-ever Grantham Parkrun on Saturday, held in the tranquil and scenic parkland of the Belton House estate.

Runners and walkers of all ages and abilities braved the gusting wind and rain, while a small army of volunteers from Grantham Running Club, Grantham Athletics Club and the local community helped to launch the event, with enormous success.

Jake Richardson, Nene Valley Harriers, came in first in a time of 17:55, followed by Matthew Emery, Grantham Running Club, in 18:14 and Matthew Kingston-Lee, Kenilworth Runners (Grantham Running Club) in 18:44.

Emily Foran, Sleaford Town Striders, was first lady home in 20:36.

Event director Gordon Geach said: “Parkrun is an amazing institution, making running and physical fitness accessible to everyone in the community, regardless of age or ability.

“It’s taken months of hard work to set up the Belton House Parkrun and we’ve had our challenges, so to see the staggering amount of people and huge range of abilities turn out on Saturday to take part is just phenomenal.

“I can’t think of any venue more inspiring than Belton House, and we’re looking forward to seeing the run go from strength to strength.”

Mr Geach added: “I would also like to thank Paul Davidson who has also been there right from the beginning, assisting and driving things so everything was just right on the day.

“Special mention of the National Trust who helped in so many ways and the two local clubs Grantham Athletics and Grantham Running who provided additional funding to get the event off the ground.”

The Belton House parkrun is held weekly at 9am every Saturday morning.

The course is run on a mixture of trail paths and grass, starting and finishing in front of the iconic 17th century country house.

Runners of all abilities are welcome.

It is also completely free to enter.

To register, log on to www.parkrun.org.uk/beltonhouse


Grantham Athletics Club - 2 Matthew Emery 18:14, 5 Ethan Richards-Cole 19:29, 6 William Tucker 19:29, 12 Stephen Hobday 21:01, 18 George Hatton 22:10, 26 Mark Tucker 22:53, 41 Saskia Hunt 24:22, 42 Geoff Collier 24:23, 43 Alan Carley 24:37, 46 Chris Hunt 24:39 51 Janice Anderson 25:11, 52 Keith Measures 25:32, 57 Richard Hall 26:18, 70 John Ellerby 27:16, 84 James Hall 27:52, 140 Catherine Muir 31:02, 157 Dawn Hunt 32:17, 166 Millie Warren 33:14, 172 Dona Hall 34:00.

Grantham Running Club - 3 Matthew Kingston-Lee 18:44, 19 Paul Rushworth 22:14, 28 Holly Durham 23:08, 50 Tommy Napier 25:09, 58 Warren Stark 26:22, 75 Louise Hyde 27:28, 76 Gerry Hyde 27:28, 101 Julie Wilson 28:41, 104 Martin Carter 28:51, 119 Suzanne Britz 29:44, 146 Lizzie Potter 31:17, 149 Chris England 31:34, 150 Brendon Buckley 31:36, 153 Jaime Garcia 32:00.