All hail Queen Debbie... road race champion

Debbie Barnett.
Debbie Barnett.

DEBBIE Barnett is the queen of Lincolnshire road racing.

The Boston Wheelers cyclist is celebrating after winning the Lincolnshire Road Race Ladies’ League title.

Debbie collected the most points over the season.

However, not to be outdone, fellow Wheeler Charlie Porter collected a hard-fought third place in the Men’s League.

Darren Smith has won round 12 of the Boston Wheelers 10-Mile TT League with a personal best of 23 mins 12 secs.

Fuurther PBs came on the night for Martin White and Martin Roberts.

Results: 1 Darren Smith 23-12, Dan Carr 23-47, Martin White 23-56, Ian Scott 24-48, Pete Flint 25-31, Debbie Barnett 25-49, Martin Roberts 32-52.

Private trial: Richard Hamblin 22-56 (Sleaford Wheelers).

Boston Wheelers meet on Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm on New Hamond Beck Road (alongside B&Q) for their time trials.

They also meet every Sunday morning outside Boston Post Office at 9am.

Anyone interested in cycling is welcome to attend.