Arm pump halts Clarke’s progress at Oulton Park

Aaron Clarke.
Aaron Clarke.

Despite suffering from arm pump, Kirton rider Aaron Clarke completed his first race of the season after qualifying for round three of the National Superstock 600 championship at Oulton Park on Monday.

And the KIrton rider finished the race in 31st place.

His ACR teammate Charlie King failed to finish the race as he was sidelined on lap six of 14 with a technical problem to his Kawasaki.

Clarke had been unable to make it onto the starting grid for the first two rounds because of the small grids, but Oulton Park was a longer circuit that could accommodate more riders and Aaron completed his qualifying in 40th position to start the race from row 14.

It was not where he wanted to be, but he was struggling with severe arm pump which made handling the bike a painful and difficult experience.

As the lights went out he moved up two places and then made steady progress through the back markers to 31st place on lap 12.

But the arm pump returned and he could do no more than to hang on to his position to the chequered flag.

“It is really painful and I need to have it seen to as soon as possible,” he said.

“A lot of riders suffer with the problem and some have had the operation which has been successful so I will speak the doctor and see if it will help me.

“The recovery time is about six to eight weeks so I will perhaps have to sit out a couple of races but it will be worth it to cure the problem.

“I was delighted to get my first race completed; it really has helped my confidence as I was beginning to think I would never get there.

“But good things come to those that wait and my perseverance has paid off.”

The next round of the series is at Donington Park and is one of the support classes to the British round of the World Superbike championship that takes place on May 24, but it is not certain as yet if the team will be there.

With Clarke suffering from arm pump and King’s bike not working as it should the team may well decide to give it a miss and wait for the next round at Snetterton on June 21.