Ashley’s in the running for a bright athletics future

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GOSBERTON runner Ashley Sandall has a bright future ahead of him after taking the crown to become 400m under 15s national champion.

Fourteen-year-old Ashley came first in his event at the UK National Indoor Championships at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena last month, writes Robert Owen.

It was his first full season in athletics, after joining the Lincolnshire Athletics Academy last year.

He was encouraged to join after coach Dr George Skafidas asked his friend and fellow athlete Cameron Marshall if he knew of anybody who might be interested in training.

“I enjoy it, it’s a challenge. I did a little bit last summer but this is my first single season that I’ve done so far,” said Ashley.

“I did it a couple of years before and then I stopped and never looked to get into it again.”

On top of training four nights a week at the Princess Royal Sports Arena, Boston, he has also competed in stadiums around the country.

He continued: “I’ve been competing in open events at Birmingham. I went to the Sheffield northern championships and got a medal there, Lea Valley, London and Manchester.”

Now that the Thomas Cowley pupil is back into the sport there is the question of whether he would like to do it full time when he’s older, and the answer is yes.

“I suppose I would. I enjoy it now and I think as I mature more I’ll hopefully still be doing it for longer when I’m older,” he added.