Aucote hits 180 in darts victory

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Jamie Barnes and Darren Aucote had a good match in the BSC Premiership, a 180 And good finishing from Darren enough for a 4-2 win.

Phil Odlin checked well to beat Kev Lenton 4-0.

Last week’s results: Deb Royal 4 Kev Lenton 1, Phil Odlin 4 Pete Grooby 1, Dave Hasnip 4 Jamie Barnes 0, Darren Aucote 3 Mark Simpson 4, Joby Booth 4 Jamie Barnes 0, Chris Royal 4 Dave Holland 1.

In the Pizza Perfection Championship, Ben Bagley got a 3-1 win over Wally Almond to move into second place, one behind leader Harry Lee.

Anthony Bennett moved up to fifth to challenge the leaders after beating Wally Almond 3-0 and Trev Day 3-2.

Jimmy Birtwistle kept on track after sniffing out a 3-0 win against Rob Scrupps.

Rob Cade picked up a good 3-0 win over Matt Grant while Robbie Scrupps and Trev Day returned to battle away for five legs, Trev edging it 3-2.

Last week’s results: Harry Lee 3 Paul Taylor 0, Jimmy Birtwistle 3 Wally Almond 0, Jimmy Birtwhistle 3 Matt Grant 2, Rob Cade 3 Paul Taylor 2.

In the All Sports Trophies & Engraving Division Two, Carl Baily beat Bradley Butler 3-1 before losing 3-1 to Aaron Upsall.

Luke Cammack eaked out a 3-1 win over Emma Grant while Ali Baker pipped Jake Lammyman in a five-legger, including an 80 finish.

Ben Leadbeater took a great 3-1 win over Marcus Hayles while Alison Royal put beat Jake Lammyman 3-0.

Ali Baker lost 3-0 to Aaron Upsall.

Last week’s results: Aaron Upsall 3 Ali Royal 1, Sammi Barsley 3 Bradley Butler 1, Ben Leadbeater 3 Aaron Upsall 2, Ben Leadbetter 0 Mark Baily 3, Ali Baker 3 Emma Grant 0.

In the C&C TV Division Three, Callum Day secured the title in his first year, but Dennis Turner stole his limelight by being the first player to beat this year’s champ, winning 2-1.

Callum earned the one point he needed and also hit a 180.

Adam Grant beat Reece Almond 2-1 while Brian Wilkinson looks to have second spot sealed after a good 3-0 win over Dennis Turner.

Lou Turner took a good 2-1 win against Reece Almond and Jake Lammyman stays fourth after a good 3-0 win over Lizzy Chapman.

Bob Birtwistle took on Lou Turner, Bob winning 3-0.

Last week’s results: Brian Wilkinson 2 Muriel Almond 1, Liz Chapman 3 Suzy Watson 0, Adam Grant 3 Jodie Royal 0, Reece Almond 2 Murial Almond 1.