BADAC sportshall youngsters are Dynamite

Team Dynamite.
Team Dynamite.

Team Dynamite - under the leadership of Thomas Johnson - won the first sportshall athletics team competition at the B Hive on Saturday morning.

Teams consisting of one competitor each from the under seven, nine, 11, 13 and 15 age groups contested a range of running and jumping events.

Dynamite accumulated a total of 47 points to win the trophy ahead of Dream Cookies (43 points) and third-placed Leopards (41 points).

Dynamite members Jessica Chand, Melena Baxter, Shane Canham, Alicia Baxter and Jensen Barkworth supported Johnson effectively.

Chand was second in all four under seven individual contests.

In the under nine age category, Melena Baxter won the two-laps (24.9 secs), as well as claiming first in the standing long jump (1.50m), speed bounce (63) and vertical jump (34cm).

Under 11 Shane Canham won the speed bounce (68), and finished second in both the vertical jump and the two-lap run with Alicia Baxter sharing second position in the standing long jump.

Barkworth finished second in the four-lap race, the standing long jump and speed bounce.

Johnson shared first place in the under 15 vertical jump (1.50m) and notched up second place points in speed bounce, standing long jump and the four-lap race.

Dynamite led the points table before winning the final event, the eight-lap relay.

Matthew Connolly’s Dream Cookies included Gracie Mountain, Georgia Ward, James Bray and Daniel Bradshaw.

Under 11 Bray won the standing long jump (1.7m) and two-laps (23.2 secs) and under 13 Bradshaw won the standing long jump (1.95m), speed bounce (62), vertical jump (49cm) and four-laps (47.7 secs). Captain Connolly contributed three wins at under 15 level - in standing long jump (2.15m), vertical jump (1.50m) and four-lap run (46.5 secs).

Leopards’ Isla Higgins won all four under sevens events, recording 26.8 secs for the two-laps, 1.45m in standing long jump, 40 in speed bounce and 30cm in the vertical jump.

Jago Higgins won the under 11 vertical jump (36cm) and captain Abi Freeman secured first place in the speed bounce (115). Tuula Sohngen and Amy Canham also represented the Leopards.