Batey eyes the ABA crown

Ross Batey.
Ross Batey.

BOSTON boxer Ross Batey is putting in the extra hours as he eyes the Amateur Boxing Association’s light middleweight crown.

The 24-year-old has even enlisted fellow fighters from around the area in his push to go further than last year, where he was controversially beaten in the quarter-finals.

Last week, Batey was joined at Boston ABC’s Field Street gym by boxers from Lincoln, Peterborough and King’s Lynn – a mixture of professionals and amateurs - as he was put through his paces in the ring.

“The lads are all two weights above me, so I’ve got to put in that extra push in there,” he said.

“But it’s working me hard, which is what I want.

“I’ve got to train extra because I fancy my chances this year.”

Dropping down a category from middleweight, means Batey still has a few pounds to shift before the February 5 curtain raiser.

But his strict training routine (three times every day) has left him confident he can go all the way in the top English amateur contest.

“It’s a new weight for me and I know some of the other lads might be a bit faster than me,” he added.

“But I’ll always fight my way, it’s what I do.

“I bullied bigger lads than me last year, dominating them.

“And now I’m down a weight I think it could be better for me, I could be too strong for some of these lads.”