Batey’s out to right some ABA wrongs

Ross Batey.
Ross Batey.

ROSS Batey’s bid to become England’s Amateur Boxing Association’s light middleweight champion begins on Saturday.

The 24-year-old will head to Scunthorpe to kick-start his campaign.

After dropping down a weight category to light middleweight (71k), Batey believes it is time to right some wrongs.

Last year the Boston ABC fighter reached the quarter-finals, before a defeat in Liverpool against home-town fighter James Seddon.

And Batey still can’t believe the manner in which he was beaten.

“They said I lost by about 20 points,” he said. “There’s no way that happened. It was a close fight.

“But losing like that last year has just made me want it more.”

That defeat was part of the reason Batey opted to move down from middleweight.

He added: “Height’s a big issue in boxing, especially when point-scoring.

“Judges love someone who’s tall, it looks like they’re picking out more punches.

“It can be a struggle for smaller, stockier lads like me.

“I’m going to fight my usual fight. I won’t hold back, you don’t get paid for overtime in the ring.”