Battling Creasey beaten by TKO

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Carl Creasey. zn5N6Bsu79a2zx9waZM2

Boston ABC’s Carl Creasey suffered a TKO defeat this weekend.

However, the boxer received the applase from the audience for a dogged display against opponent H. Harewood of Freedom ABC.

Heavyweight Creasey was fighting in Stainford, near Doncaster.

Creasey’s first-round nerves settled and the Boston man began landing good, clean punches against his taller opponent, although both pugilists were sharing success with their offensive combinations.

The Boston man was showing great improvement in the ring, with his gym work visibly paying off.

The second round got off to a flying start as Harewood came out with a purpose and strong combinations were thrown by both.

Harewood found himself vulnerable with his back to the ropes, as Creasey unleashed a massive back hand.

As both boxers came together, a clash of heads cut Creasey on the top of his eyebrow and, after the doctor was called to inspect his bleeding gash, the fight was stopped. Harewood won by TKO, but it was Creasey who won the applause.