Boston ABC fighter Nick Staples claims first ring win

Nick Staples.
Nick Staples.

BOSTON fighter Nick Staples has secured his first victory in the amateur ranks.

After a series of decisions going against him - including his narrow loss at the Boston Show last month - the Boston ABC boxer bounced back in style.

Fighting in two tournaments within days of one another, the senior claimed victory in Scunthorpe last week.

Tony Desborough’s efforts to unsettle and gain the upper hand over Staples didn’t work, as he was able to avoid the early carefree shots that were put in his direction.

Nothing was gained by either fighter in the opening exchanges, but Desborough’s hit-and-miss tactics continued in the second round.

However, this left him vulnerable to counter attacks, with Staples landing shots to his opponent’s head and body.

Staples’ power then left the Grimsby fighter taking a standing count, which gave him the confidence to dominate the remainder of the bout, taking a unanimous decision.

On the same bill, Logan Hare held all the aces in his bout against Georgios Brevichier.

Both showed good technique and use of the ring, but there was no aggression in the lad from Grimsby, and that allowed Hare to dictate proceedings to his own advantage, claiming a unanimous result.

At the weekend, Staples returned to Leicester for another contest.

He put in a skilful performance which gained him the Best Boxer of the Night accolade, but it wasn’t enough to see him overcomer local boy Ray Hulls.

Hulls’ aggression was non-stop throughout, but Staples boxed superbly and defended well, countering when the chance came.

But Hulls was skilful and didn’t miss his targets very often, which proved the deciding factor.

Boston’s Aaron Johnson took command of the opening session in his contest with Tom Henrie, looking the boss man.

But he had his confidence shaken in the second as he slackened his grip and the lad from Leicester took advantage.

Johnson was forced to take some punishment up the ropes before regaining his composure for the third round, keeping his opponents at a safe distance with his left lead.

A series of combination shots did the trick as Henrie was left with little comeback after his early efforts had taken their toll, handing Johnson victory.