Boston-area fanciers in the placings

BOSTON-area fanciers competed with the North Road Championship Club in the longest race of the season – and acquitted themselves well.

The race – which covered 550 miles, from Saxa Vord - was won by Dave Fox, of Norwich, with an amazing velocity of 2063 yards per minute.

However, the locals will be well placed in the final results.

Mr and Mrs Geoff Clare, formerly of Old Leake and now of Sloothby, Dave Brackenbury, Mr and Mrs Brian Garnham (who had three birds arrive together), Carl Upsall and Trevor Frost, Mr and Mrs Russ Skinner, and Andrew Kirkman, all of Boston, expect to be well-placed.

Also on Saturday, the young bird season started with a race from Bubwith.

Results: Boston and District FC: 1 Hardy, Troops, Burt and Son 1758, 2 Mr and Mrs E. Attwater 1675, 3 Hardy, Troops, Burt and Son 1673, 4 J. McFadyen 1577, 5 and 6 Mr and Mrs E. Attwater 1440 and 1439, 7, 8 and 9 A. Newton and Son 1376 (2) and 1347, 10 Hardy and Troops 1331, 11 and 12 J McFadyen 1273 and 1215.