Boston boxers put on a quality show

Tommy Upsall.
Tommy Upsall.

Boston Amateur Boxing Club competed at their annual Round Table show show at Haven High Technology College on Saturday night.

The event was a chance for the club to show off the fighting talent coming out of the Field Street Gym and, once again, they didn’t disappoint with 10 action-packed bouts.

Charlene Middlebrook.

Charlene Middlebrook.

In the world of heavyweights, anything can happen, something Carl Creasey discovered this weekend as he suffered a TKO defeat to Daniel Retter of Kettering ABC in a contest where both fighters exchanged heavy blows.

Matthew Mooney made his return to the ring for the first time since first hanging up his gloves 17 years earlier.

There have been a lot of changes in that time, the removal of headguards being a major factor.

Mooney equiped himself well as his name was chanted around the sports hall, but it was opponent Matthew Harness of Scunthorpe Centurions ABC who claimed the split decision.

Boston’s Tommy Upsall (pictured) was in top class form when he faced Warley ABC’s J. Blackwood.

Upsall didn’t have it all his own way against the taller opponent, and endured some punishing body blows.

However, he shrugged them aside to earn a unanimous victory.

Aaron Johnson suffered a TKO defeat at the hands of J. Smith of Shepshed ABC, while Charlene Middlebrook continues to improve with every outing.

On Saturday, she gained revenge on N. Hutchinson of Derby ABC, scratching off a previous defeat with a split decision.

Bue Kirasan made his debut for the club and also walked off with the Best Boxer of the Night trophy as his well-executed ring craft saw him claim the split decision against L.H. Knight, from Marston ABC.

Adrianna Finch was matched against C. Corridge from Bernsfield ABC and the young locomotive from Boston was boxing earned the unanimous decision, while both pugilists claimed the applause from the crowd.

Blake Emmerson faced Warren Mills from Bracebridge ABC, a late replacement for his original opponent, who withdrew from the bout only hours before the show was to commence.

Mills was conciderably taller than the Boston powerhouse, but he found Emmerson a difficult opponent before claiming the split decision.

Angelica Finch faced her old adversary Jessie Stevens, of Turner’s Boxing Academy.

Finch was trying to set Stevens up with her powerful back hand, but Stevens had done her homework and applied hit-and-smother tactics to gain the advantage.

Referee Steve Tigue had to warn Finch for continuous low use of her head, and it was Steven who reversed the earlier loss to Finch, winning by a unanimous decision.

Cadet Coby Brown competed in his second bout in as many weeks, facing J. Ruskin.

The two young boxers showed off their skills in what was a quality exhibition.