Boston boxers put on a show... but the results didn’t always go their way

Kier Sellars.
Kier Sellars.

Boston Amateur Boxing Club fighters had a mixed night of fortunes at their home show at the Princess Royal Sports Arena.

Top of the bill on Saturday was Nick Staples, and the home-town lad deserved to feel aggrieved that the majority decision went to Scunthorpe’s Andy Perry.

Staples was the more aggressive of the two, although a lot of his blows were evaded by good defensive work. But the Boston ABC fighter could not be faulted for his efforts, and at no time did he give ground.

Nina Bradley will always be popular on the boxing circuit as the amateur lass always leads from the front and never on the back foot. But she struggled to get through the defence of Louise Orton, whose height and reach played to her advantage.

The girl from Chatham was also a smart boxer, and her long left lead prevented the dangerous Bradley from overwhelming her, Orton taking the decision.

The quickest bout of the night was won by Boston’s Anton Kravaliston.

Opponent Scot Carlisle, from Scunthorpe, was hardly off his stool before the referee came to his recue.

Ferocious head and body blows from the Boston fighter ensured his night’s work was over in the first round.

Many fights can be decided in the final round.

But that wasn’t the case for Aaron Johnson.

A late effort to overhaul the early lead picked up by Leicester Fountain’s Michael Williams just wasn’t enough.

However, Johnson gave his best to try to overhaul the deficit.

There was little intent shown from either Macauley Blackamore or Norwich’s Aaron Soden in their contest.

Until the final stages, the fight failed to really get going.

But then both opened up and the punches began flying in.

Soden was adjusdged the winner, but Blackamore could quite easily have seen his arm raised.

Two short but fearless fighters - Logan Hare and Scunthorpe’s Tyler Brevigher - were the stars of the night in a well-matched contest.

They deserved the shouts of encouragement and plaudits they received as they gave their all in a battle which went from start to finish. Hare relied on his skill and counter attack, while Brevigher - who got the verdict - edged it on aggression.

Boston’s Justus Pondzius never gave Newark’s Jake Matthews a chance to hurt him.

Smothering him at every opportunity, he claimed the points decision.

A late surge from Jared Brereton was not enough to see him claim victory against Nottingham’s Charlie Brenner.

Boston’s Kier Sellars gained the verdict after having the upper hand against Brigg’s Harry Oxby, while Newark’s Ethan Squires got the better of William O’Connor.