Boston C team edge it in tennis draw

IN THE Boston and District Winter League, defending champions Boston C had to overcome the first real challenge of the year against Boston E.

It was the first time that the team of Dan Bambridge, Anthony Hulley, James Newton and Owen Jary had been stretched, and they were held to a 2-2 draw after all eight sets had been played, but claimed a winning draw on games won.

Playing for Boston E were David Dunlop, Michal Chmielik, Peter Elphick and Solomon Koomson.

In the Lincolnshire Veteran Doubles League, Boston Men’s First and Boston Men Seconds faced each other.

The First’s Ray Frankish, Chris Cook, James Newton and Richard Langworth earned an 8-0 win over Peter Elphick, Sev Smura, Richard Tupper and Mike Sweeney.

In Division Two, Boston Men’s Third team took to the courts against a strong Louth.

The team of Doug Motson, David Matthews, Richard Woods and Charles Tupper missed out in this one.

The Ladies’ First team enjoyed their second match of the season against Grimsby Tennis Centre’s Second team, returning from the Boston clay courts with a 7-1 victory.

Helen Cook, Rachel Atkinson, Rachel Gedney and Mary Smura turned out for the ladies.