Boston Snooker League knockout draws

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
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The draws have been made for the Boston Snooker League’s knockout competitions.

Here are the fixtures...

Team Knockout - BSC 3 v BSC 2, Shodfriars 20 v Cons 1, Cons 5 v BSC 10, Q Club 1 v BSC 12, Kirton Leisure v BSC 8, BSC 13 v Shodfriars 3, BSC 19 v Q Club 2, Cons 4 v BSC 9.

Town Snooker competition sponsored by Turnbulls (best of five frames) - Brian Cox v Daniel Hurling, Alan Laws v Tom Hill, Luke Arons v Darren Christian, Joe Welch v Grant Marshall, Paul Leary v Carl Baily, Brendan Bowman v Carl Manning, Carl Rowe v Matt Bradbury, Paul Raymond v Sean Swinburn.

Mowbray Cup sponsored by Fitters Roofing (best of three, handicaps to be applied) - Stuart Whitaker v Dale Sawer, Perry Pagden v Patrick Whiley, Matt Bradbury v Luke Arons, Nick Harwood v Carl Manning, Robin Alexander v Dave Cutting, Jimmy Birtwhistle v Dick Crunkhorn, Nick Hanson v Barry Cox, Grant Marshall v John Vines.

Men’s Own Cup sponsored by Mark Ferguson Music (best of three, handicaps to be applied) - Nick Hanson v Luke Arons, Rick Ladds v Gary Middleton, Mike Deal v Eamon Taylor, Dale Sawer v Paul Leary, Alan Laws v Phil Butt, Jimmy Birtwhistle v Gordon Russell, Matt Bradbury v Robin Alexander, Nick Harwood v Carl Baily.

Warth Cup Doubles sponsored by All Sports Trophies (best of three, handicaps to be applied) - David Cutting and Brett Skinner v Perry Pagden and Connor Trigg, Dan Burt and Adam Cartwright v Dan Lumley and Adam Gurton, Craig Fitter and Brendan Bowman v Barry Cox and Danny Newton, Tom Hill and Daley Richardson v Sean Swinburn and Wayne Dent, Carl Manning and Mark Ferguson v Dale Sawer and Gary Middleton, Nick Harwood and Robin Alexander v Liam South and Tyler Roberts, Mike Deal and Gordon Russell v John Vines and Dick Crunkhorn, Carl Rowe and Darren Christian v Craig Churchman and Chris Hirst.

Seniors Cup sponsored by Boston Asbestos (best of three, handicap to be applied) - Paul Leary v Phil Butt, Mike Deal, Gordon Russell, Richard Crunkhorn, John Vines, Alan Laws, Eamon Taylor and Jim Hartley have byes.

Leagill sponsored by Evolution Martial Arts (best of three) - Dave Cutting v Connor Trigg, Paul Raymond v Nick Harwood, Darren Christian v Patrick Whiley, Adam Cartwright v Barry Cox, Brendan Bowman v Craig Fitter, Grant Marshall v Dan Burt, Carl Baily v Tom Hill, Carl Manning v Matt Bradbury.

Premier League KO sponsored by Luke Arons (best of three) - Nick Harwood v Eamon Taylor, Dale Sawer v Robin Alexander, Alan Laws v Richard Crunkhorn, Gary Middleton has a bye.

Division One KO sponsored by Kirton Leisure (best of three) - Louis Wong v Carl Bailey, Dan Lumley v Steve Sharp, Dave Cutting v Nick Hanson, Brett Skinner v Jimmy Birtwhistle, Julian Furnell, Rick Ladds, Adam Gurton, Craig Churchman have byes.

Division Two KO (best of three) - Stuart Whitaker v Liam South, Jake Hunt v Tyler Roberts, Mike Deal and Gordon Russell have byes.