Boston swimmers dominate... and some turn back the clock

BOSTON Swimming Club held their seventh annual open meet at the Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham.

This gave competitors their final opportunity to gain county qualifying times for this spring’s championships.

Boston dominated the competition by winning 68 gold medals, 68 silvers and 66 bronzes, this also included 231 new personal best times from the 15 events.

Competition was fierce for the winners of the top boy and girl prizes. These were eventually won by Boston’s James Hurley (12), winner of eight races, and Amber Nuttman (13), 10 races, in their respective age groups.

Having entered all 15 events, both swimmers picked up top three finishes in all of their contests.

They were closely followed by Connor Spinks (14) and Hannah Macleod (14) who finished in third place.

Hannah was the only Boston swimmer to have a 100 per cent record, winning nine events.

A total of eight new club records were set. Lewis Bontoft (nine) again showed his dominance in his favoured backstroke and freestyle.

He set club records in the 50m 39.66, 100m 1.23.26 and 200m backstroke 2.58.37, plus 50m 34.14, 100m 1.14.50 and 200m freestyle 2.38.09.

Fellow nine-year-old Lewis McGarry smashed the 200m breaststroke record when recording a time of 3.32.43, with the final record coming from Hannah Macleod, who lowered her own 200m butterfly record by a further second (2.32.95).

Boston swimmers also showed their dominance by not only winning their individual age category but also by winning the event outright.

Hannah Macleod won the girls’ 200m backstroke, following this up in the 200m butterfly.

On the second day of the open meet, Hannah also won the 100m butterfly outright.

Although feeling under the weather Susannah Yielding did live up to her top seeding by winning the 200m individual medley, 50m and 100m breaststroke events on the first day.

In Susannah’s absence on the second day, Amber Nuttman took full advantage to win both the 400m freestyle and 200m breaststroke.

Charlize Arundell, Lewis Bontoft, James Hurley, Michael Keal, Sam Macleod, Lewis McGarry, Jessica Pettitt and Jordan Ward also helped win the majority of medals.

Georgia Hodgkiss (15) took first place in her age group in the 200m backstroke and third in the 200m freestyle.

Oliver Street (15) set seven new PBs as well as winning the 100m backstroke while Lauren Hurley (14) recorded eight new PBs with six seconds and one third place finish.

The younger swimmers dominated the PB list. Nine-year-olds William Pettitt and Isaac Reed both achieved 13 new PBs.

Connor Spinks earned nine PBs, winning the boys 100m and 200m backstroke outright as well as six further first place finishes. For the girls Rosanna Abbott (10) achieved 12, Kieva Clegg (10) and Bethany Holderness (12) with 10 each.eestyle and coming second in the 100m individual medley,

Two swimmers who turned back the clock were Patrick Ikhena (18) and Sam Wright (19).

Patrick again showed his dominance for the 50m sprints by taking first place in his age category and overall in the breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle as well as winning the 100m freestyle and coming second in the 100m individual medley.

Sam finished first overall in the 100m breaststroke along with five second and two third place finishes.