Boston swimmers earn Midlands qualifying times

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Swimmers from Boston Amateur Swimming Club travelled to Peterborough to try to get important regional qualifying times.

The three-day open meet was the last chance for swimmers to qualify for the June contest.

The competition was also split into Level Two and Level Three gradings, which opened up opportunities for all of the Boston swimmers to come away with medals.

It was a successful start on the Friday evening, with three golds, three silvers and three bronzes awarded across the age groups in the 400m freestyle and individual medley events.

It also saw the first Midlands qualifying time for Chloe Baldry in the girls’ 14 years 400m freestyle.

Ten-year-old Cavan Chambers also gained a 400m individual medley qualifying time to add to his times previously achieved.

Chloe Baldry added a second midlands time on the following day, this time knocking more than five seconds off her seed time in the 200m freestyle event.

Nine-year-old Joseph Vickers continued his good run of form and came away with Level Two gold medals in all of his events.

Despite lots of medals over the weekend, a number of factors seemed to be against Boston’s swimmers and personal bests were hard to come by.

For some this meant that those important qualifying times became difficult to achieve.

Boston ASC now have eight swimmers entered into this year’s Midlands Championships – Lewis Bontoft, Cavan Chambers, Lewis McGarry, William Pettitt and Isaac Reed for the boys and Chloe Baldry, Kieva Clegg and Harley Maddison for the girls.

Firsts: Level Two - Joseph Vickers (six), Cavan Chambers (five), Katarzyna Midgley (five), Aliesha Bower; Level Three - Myles Beagles, Jessica Pearson (two), Michael Keal, Aliesha Bower (three), Rico Bringeman, Oliver Sydenham, Jessica Sauntson.

Seconds: Level Two - Oliver Sydenham, Aliesha Bower (two), Chloe Baldry (two), Anton Kiss, Kieva Clegg (three), Isaac Reed, Lewis McGarry (three), Katarzyna Midgley (two), Becky Pimlott, Jason Barnes (two), Alfie Prudden, Lewis Bontoft (two), Harley Maddison, Rico Bringeman, Cavan Chambers; Level Three - Niamh Dunn (two), Eloise Winterflood, Lottie Street (two), Anton Kiss.

Thirds: Level Two - Anton Kiss, Myles Beagles, Charlize Arundell, Jessica Pearson (two), Katarzyna Midgley, Harley Maddison, Becky Pimlott, Aliesha Bower, Chloe Baldry (two), Jason Barnes, Oliver Sydenham, Lewis McGarry; Level Three - Eloise Winterflood Myles Beagles.

Personal Bests: Chloe Baldry (four), James Barnes, Myles Beagles (three), Lewis Bontoft (two) Aliesha Bower (five), Rico Bringeman (three), Cavan Chambers (two), Kieva Clegg, Niamh Dunn (two), Anton Kiss (five), Thomas Liddy, Sam Macleod, Harley Maddison (two), Lewis McGarry (two), Katarzyna Midgley (two), Jessica Pearson (three), Edward Proctor (two), Alfie Prudden (two), Jessica Sauntson, Lottie Street (two), Oliver Sydenham (two), Eloise Winterflood, Joseph Vickers (two).