Boston swimmers sent to Coventry

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Boston Amateur Swimming Club swimmers travelled to Coventry to take part in the annual Graham Sykes Open Meet.

The meet gave some swimmers the opportunity to compete in a 50m pool for the first time and is one of only a handful of 50m pools in the Midlands area.

The meet had added significance with the City of Coventry Swimming Club and other Midlands-based organisations currently campaigning to keep the pool open as it has been earmarked for closure.

This latest meet could possibly be the last to take place at the pool, which for the last few years has hosted the Midlands Regional Championships.

Boston swimmers were looking to match last year’s success at the meet, which saw a smaller team come away with several Top Boys/Girls titles and even Top Club.

And they didn’t disappoint.

Despite being a long day, Boston swimmers swam well from start to finish, with 81 medals won and again the swimmers came away with the £100 cash prize for being Top Club.

Not only that, but a number of swimmers featured in the Top Three swimmers in their age groups.

Gold: Aliesha Bower (two), Kieva Clegg (three), Rico Bringeman (three), Oliver Sydenham (four), Isaac Reed (three), Lewis McGarry (five), Thomas Liddy (three), Katarzyna Midgley (five), Myles Beagles, Oliver Abrantes, Anton Kiss, Pasquale Fiore.

Silver: Katarzyna Midgley (two), Thomas Liddy, Kieva Clegg (four), Anton Kiss (two), Oliver Abrantes, Eloise Roberts, Aliesha Bower, Myles Beagles, Katie Scott, Callum Kiss, Oliver Sydenham, Malachi Clegg, Rico Bringeman, Lewis McGarry, Eloise Winterflood, Isaac Reed, Joseph Reed.

Bronze: Oliver Abrantes (two), Myles Beagles (two), Rico Bringeman, Oliver Sydenham, Isaac Reed, Edward Proctor (two), Jessica Sauntson (two), Libby Dean-Allen, Joseph Reed, Callum Kiss (two), Anton Kiss, Eloise Winterflood, Aliesha Bower (two), Thomas Liddy, Kieva Clegg, Malachi Clegg.

Competition Top Swimmers: Rico Bringeman (boys’ nine years), Katarzyna Midgley (girls’ 10 years), Thomas Liddy (boys’ 11 years), Lewis McGarry (boys’ 12 years).

Third: Callum Kiss (boys’ nine years), Anton Kiss (boys’ 10 years), Aliesha Bower (girls’ 10 years), Isaac Reed (boys’ 11 years), Kieva Clegg (girls’ 12 years).

Converted personal bests: Oliver Abrantes (seven), Myles Beagles (three), Aliesha Bower (three), Connor Boyfield, Rico Bringeman (five), Bethany Chambers (four), Lillia Chaffey (three), Kieva Clegg, Niamh Dunn (three), Pasquale Fiore, Megan Glynn, Anton Kiss (four), Callum Kiss (five), Amelia Locking (three), Thomas Liddy (two), Lewis McGarry, Edward Proctor (two), Joe Reed, Eloise Roberts (two), Jessica Sauntson, Katie Scott (three), Eloise Winterflood (two).

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