Bowls champions are beaten

CHAMPIONS Eastenders suffered a shock defeat in the Boston Indoor Bowls League...

l Woodhall 34 (4) Eastewnders 32 (2): WOODHALL put in their performance of the season to defeat Eastenders.

The champions suffered their second defeat of the season, having no answer to the bowls produced by the Woodhall trio of Richard Whittaker, John Riches and Tom Richardson.

Tony Powell, Simon Reeson and Paul Flatters found the going hard and fell 19-15.

Meanwhile, Eileen May, Rita Epton and John Sellars, for the underdogs, helped to clinch the aggregate points when they just missed out 15-17.

l Holland Fen 48 (6) Cosmos 29 (0): HOLLAND Fen, in second, played third-placed Cosmos and claimed the points.

Skips Martin Tomlin and Gary Morris won 23-15 and 25-14.

l Stumpers 27 (0) Freelanders 53 (6): FREELANDERS will be pleased with their finish to the season as they have now picked up three consecutive maximum points hauls.

Matched against Stumpers, skips Stan Lawrence and Jeff Nicholson won 28-15 and 25-12.

l Royal Mail 41 (5) Carlton Road 31 (1): ROYAL Mail also had a good result this week against Carlton Road.

Debbie Harrison, Neil Harrison and Alan Hill tied 16-16 with John Benton, and Jo Sharp, Carol Clarke and Keith Sharp won 25-15.

l IBC 29 (0) A40 43 (6): A40 picked up all six from IBC thanks to a great last bowl from skip Jean Cammack.

At 16-15 down, she put the jack in the ditch for a last end count of two to win 17-16.

A40’s trio of Sheila King, Bob Thompson and Jim Gott secured the rest of the points with a win of 26-13.

A40 still have a chance, with one game remaining, to clinch third spot from Cosmos.

l Jolly Farmers 40 (6) Invaders 31 (0): JOLLY Farmers lifted all the points from Invaders with rink wins of 17-14 and 23-17 for skips John Maury and Joe Moore.

T&B Containers Ltd Division Two

l Kirton Town 28 (0) Breakaways 38 (6): CHAMPIONS Kirton Town fell to a good performance from Breakaways.

Jo Dowse, Henry Dowse and John Marshall won 20-11 and Janet Whyers, Lorraine Stevens and John Stevens hung on to win 18-17.

l Halfpints 40 (6) Golfers 27 (0): HALFPINTS booked themselves a place in the top division when they picked up all the points from the Golfers.

Skips Mark Brown and Tina Reeson put in strong performances with wins of 21-19 and 19-8.

l Punchbowlers 38 (2) Parthians 50 (4): PUNCHBOWLERS, who had a chance of promotion, had a disappointing evening as they fell to Parthians.

For the Bowlers, Ian Drury picked up a last-end count of three to win 24-23.

Replying for Parthians, Mary Cowham, Pauline Atkin and Pete Bedford were successful 27-14.

l Strollers 50 (6) Swineshead 27 (0): SWINESHEAD started the night in second spot but slumped to fourth.

Matched against Strollers, they fell on both rinks.

Strollers skips Mick Hippisley and Alex Seaton won 23-13 and 27-14.

l Feathers 55 (4) Patriarchs 25 (2): PATRIARCHS turned up for their game against Feathers and paid a high price.

Patriarchs’ Alan Bristow won 17-14, but the Feathers trio of Brian Simpson, Fleur Simpson and Geoff Dawson saw off a depleted Patriarchs set 41-8.

l Norprint 51 (4) Boston Park 32 (2): NORPRINT and Boston Park shared the rink points, but the higher team Norprint won the aggregate points with a win of 33-13 for Barbara Kenny, Dave France and Chris Vision.

Division Three

l Crowns 46 (4) Amateurs 34 (2): THE second promotion spot is still up for grabs - Amateurs just needing two points from their last game and Highflyers needing all six if Amateurs finish pointless.

Champions Crowns, matched against Amateurs, saw the latter picking up two vital points.

Skip Pat Weaver came from behind for Amateurs to win 20-17.

Replying for the Crowns, Brian Bates, June Bates and Peter Copeland won with plenty to spare, even though they dropped a hot shot on their way to a result of 29-14.

l Vikings 40 (4) Highflyers 23 (2): THIRD-placed Highflyers were given a tough game against mid-table Viking, and could only pick up two points.

Eric Lewis, for the Flyers, picked up counts of one and two to win 15-14.

Vikings’ Pete Jacklin won the additional points 26-8.

l Burtons 21 (2) Autos 35 (4): WITH nothing at stake, the Burtons and Autos shared the rink points.

Higher team Autos picked up the extra points, thanks to Derek Butwright, who won 22-7.

l Fairways 46 (6) Shipmates 18 (0): FAIRWAYS must be wishing the season was just starting as they put in a good result from their game with Shipmates.

Carol Nundy and Anthea Hall enjoyed wins of 21-6 and 25-12.

l BBC 20 (0) Central 46 (6): CENTRAL versus BBC was a win for the former’s skips Fred Epton and Dave Clark - successful 27-6 and 19-14.

l Sibsey 61 (6) Traders 19 (0): TRADERS found themselves short of team members for their game with Sibsey, and the inevitable happened as they fell on both rinks. Sibsey’s skips Charles Russell and Harold Best posted wins of 31-11 and 30-8.