Bowls champions hold parity

LATEST report from the Boston Indoor Bowls League...

l Royal Mail 24 (0) Eastenders 63 (6): CHAMPIONS Eastenders and Holland Fen consolidated their positions at the top with maximum points.

Eastenders demolished Royal Mail through skips Paul Flatters (35-11) and Andrew Reeson (28-13).

l Holland Fen 62 (6) IBC 20 (0): Holland Fen had a convincing win as skips Mick and Martin Tomlin won 31-7 and 31-13.

l A40 33 (0) Cosmos 40 (6): A40’s chances of finishing third were blown away by Cosmos.

Cossies’ skips Les Feary and Keith French won 21-19 and 19-14 to earn third place.

l Freelanders 39 (6) Carlton Road 26 (0): FREELANDERS produced their best bowls to defeat Carlton Road. Ron Thacker, Paul Scuffham and Geoff Taylor won 19-16 and Tom Freeston, Mark Freemantle and Stan Lawrence were successful 20-10.

l Jolly Farmers 35 (4) Woodhall 28 (2): WOODHALL’S Doreen Sharp, John Riches and Eric Ulyatt succeeded 18-14 for two points. Farmers’ Sue Hoyles, Dick Allen and Joe Moore took the aggregate points 21-10.

l Invaders 49 (6) Stumpers 34 (0): INVADERS, short on numbers, claimed all the points, Ian Tebbs and Scott Whyers winning 24-18 and George Phillips, Sandra Tebbs and Rod West triumphing 25-16.

T&B Containers Division Two

l Swineshead 38 (4) Patriarchs 35 (2): OF THE top four, only Swineshead won the lion’s share of the points, moving to second as Janet Vinter, Joan Mews and Pam Dawson won 24-14. Shamus Rooney, Colin Baxter and Alan Woods replied 21-14.

l Kirton Town 34 (2) Norprint 37 (4): LEADERS Kirton Town fell to Norprint. Ted Bloodworth, Margaret Broughton and Barry Barton (24-11) claimed victory as Ann Kemp, Sheila Tracey and Peter Tracey earned two points (23-13).

l Feathers 20 (0) Parthians 44 (6): FEATHERS fell from second to fourth as Phil Sharp and Pete Bedford won 19-7 and 25-13.

l Halfpints 31 (2) Punchbowlers 42 (4): HALFPINTS’ Debbie Cunningham, Tina Reeson and Chris West won 16-14 but Punchbowlers’ Cyn Bush, Malcolm McNeish and Tony Bush won 29-15 for victory.

l Boston Park 46 (6) Breakaways 35 (0): ROCK bottom Boston Park won all the points from Breakaways as Chris Barty, Andrew Pape and Arnold Pape (18-16) and Ken Cook, Chips Davey and Michael Penfold (28-19) triumphed.

l Golfers 37 (6) Strollers 33 (0): GOLFERS brought their A game to the green.

On this occasion, skips Norman Ablard and David Marshall won 19-16 and 18-17.

Division Three

l Crowns 46 (6) Sibsey 31 (0): THE champions won all the points against Sibsey, skips John Adcock and Peter Copeland easing home 21-15 and 25-16.

l Traders 36 (2) Amateurs 44 (4): SECOND-placed Amateurs have just fallen short, dropping points as Traders’ Ann Quickfall, Maurice Harding and Norman Stanley won 20-17. Brian Martin, Tony Nixon and Mick Greet replied 27-16.

l Highflyers 39 (0) Fairways 41 (6): HIGHFLYERS finished pointless. Fairways’ Mavis Ablard, Barbara Slade and Carol Nundy won 21-20 and Chris Gill, Lorna Locking and Heather Scarboro won 20-19.

l Shipmates 14 (0) Central 53 (6): CENTRAL proved too strong for Shipmates, Fred Epton and Brian Hunn winning 25-7 and 28-7.

l Vikings 35 (2) Burtons 36 (4): VIKINGS’ Doug Staples won 224-19 but Chaz Newham earned Burtons victory (17-11).