Bowls champions won’t relent

Eastenders earned another clean sweep in this week’s Boston Indoor Bowls League...

The Ball House Division One

l Eastenders 50 (6) A40 32 (0): CHAMPIONS Eastenders defeated fourth-placed A40 with wins from skips Paul Flatters (28-16) and Andrew Reeson 22-16.

l Cosmos 31 (0) Invaders 44 (6): COSMOS blew their chance to finish second as Invaders’ Scott Whyers and Ian Tebbs won 23-16 and 21-15.

l Carlton Road 30 (2) Holland Fen 54 (4): HOLLAND Fen secured second spot as Bazza Wilson, Alex Tomlin and Mick Tomlin won 33-8.

The Road’s Gordon Harris, George Hardstaff and Chris Gill replied 22-21.

l Jolly Farmers 43 (6) Royal Mail 21 (0): JOLLY Farmers claimed the points against Royal Mail, Joe Moore and David Allen winning 19-10 and 24-11.

l IBC 27 (0) Freelanders 39 (6): FREELANDERS’ skips Stan Lawrence and Jeff Nicholson won 17-10 and 22-17 for the points.

l Stumpers 56 (6) Woodhall 23 (0): GERRY Myers, Dennis Robins and Mick Dodes won 20-17 and Margaret Bycroft, Norma Barnes and Ken Bycroft added a 33-6 score for Stumpers.

T&B Containers Division Two

l Patriarchs 37 (2) Kirton Town 50 (4): CHAMPIONS Kirton Town beat Patriarchs as Phyl Bourne, Ann Kemp and Gordon Gallichan won 34-8, but Chris Bristow, Stella Baxter and Alan Bristow responded 29-16 for two points.

l Norprint 38 (4) Swineshead 33 (2): SWINESHEAD dropped to third as they earned just two points against Norprint, Pam Dawson, Margaret Chester and John Craft winning 23-17. The Printers’ Dave France, Barbara Kenny and Chris Avison won 21-10 for victory.

l Halfpints 44 (6) Feathers 26 (0): HALFPINTS picked up all six points to move ahead of Swineshead.

Iris Reeson, Craig Cunningham and Brian Sansam won 22-16 and Sandra McDonald, Carol Dowse and Tina Reeson won 22-10.

l Breakaways 29 (0) Golofers 54 (6): GOLFERS beat Breakaways with wins for Mick Nundy, Dave Gill and Graham Scarboro (20-16) and Jerry Gill, David Smith and Norman Ablard (34-13).

l Strollers 29 (2) Punchbowlers 34 (4): CYN Bush, Malcolm McNeish and Tony Bush won 22-7 to earn Punchbowlers victory.

Strollers’ Alan Everitt replied 22-12.

l Parthians 30 (2) Boston Park 35 (4): RELEGATED Boston Park beat Parthians as Ken Cook, Albert Batchelor and Michael Penfold won 23-16.

Parthians’ Phil Sharp won two points (14-12).

Division Three

l Central 31 (0) Crowns 51 (6): CROWNS, runaway champions of Division Three, saw off the challenge of Central, skips Barbara Houghton and Peter Copeland winning 26-11 and 25-20.

l Amateurs 20 (0) Highflyers 41 (6): SECOND-placed Amateurs fell on both rinks to third-placed Highflyers.

Ivor Roberts, Robert Goodale and Anthony Tabor won 19-11 and Joe Carson, Terry John and Barrie Trigg added a 22-9 score.

l Vikings 36 (6) BBC 30 (0): VIKINGS beat BBC as Doug Staples and Ralph Sawer both won 18-15.

l Sibsey 37 (3) Shipmates 37 (3): SIBSEY and Shipmates drew. For Sibsey, Harold Best won 21-16 and Shipmates’ Ken Jow added the same score.

l Fairways 36 (6) Burtons 29 (0): CHRIS Gill, Lorna Locking and Heather Scarboro (17-16) and Mavis Ablard, Carol Nundy and Anthea Hal (19-13) won fairways the points.

l Autos 39 (6) Traders 29 (0): AUTOS moved into fourth when skips Graham Slack and Derek Butwright produced winning scorecards of 23-15 and 16-14.

Ralphland Care Home

Easter Tournament

THE annual Easter Tournament was won by Richard Whittaker, Audrey Sivill, Norman Burton and John Sivill.

There was a tie for the runners-up spot.

Derek Green, Sue Hoyles John Maury and David Allen finished level with with Rod West, Mick Asplen Scot Whyers and Jonathan West.

In fourth spot were Jo Sharp, Carol Clarke, Keith Thorlby and Keith Sharp.