Bowls ladies eye Yetton Plate final

BOSTON Indoor Bowls Club are hoping to book theirt place in the final of the Yetton Plate.

The ladies host Acle in the semi-final tomorrow (10.30am). Victory will see the team in the final at Nottingham on April 1.

The Ball House Division One

l Eastenders 45 (6) Carlton Road 36 (0): ALL is well for the leaders as they won maximum points while those chasing them failed to. Against Carlton Road they secured maximum points through skips Ian Clark (21-18) and Jonathan West (24-18) to open up a 26-point lead.

l A40 37 (3) Holland Fen 37 (3): HOLLAND Fen hit the buffers against A40 as Mick Tomlin won 21-19 but A40’s Jim Gott replied 18-16.

l Royal Mail 42 (4) Invaders 37 (2): THE Mail’s Keith Thorlby won 25-15 while Invaders’ Ian Tebbs let an 11-0 lead be nbarrowed down to a 22-17 success, missing out on the extra points.

l Woodhall 40 (4) Freelanders 32 (2): WOODHALL defeated Freelanders as Eileen May, John Riches and Tom Richardson won 24-15. Stan Lawrence replied 17-16 for Landers.

l Stumpers 27 (2) IBC 33 (4): IBC claimed the majority of the points as Ted Bourne won 19-12. In response, Stumpers’ Margaret Bycroft, Norma Barnes and Ken Bycroft came from behind to earn a 15-14 score.

l Jolly Farmers 33 (2) Cosmos 39 (4): FOR Cosmos, Ken Dowling, Ab French and Wayne Phoenix won in style, 26-9, but Jolly farmers picked up two points through Derek Green, John Maury and David Allen (24-13).

T & B Containers Ltd Division Two

l Boston Park 32 (2) Kirton Town 34 (4): THIS week saw the top versus bottom. Leaders Kirton Town came up against a robust Boston Park as Ken Cook, Alan Batchelor and Michael Penfold rocked the boat (17-15). Town’s Phyl Bourne, Ann Kemp and Gordon Gallichan won the aggregate points (19-14).

l Feathers 43 (6) Golfers 35 (0): FEATHERS moved into third with a good result against the Golfers, skips Geoff Dawson and Ian Smith winning 21-10 and 22 -15.

l Punchbowlers 23 (0) Swineshead 46 (6): PUNCHBOWLERS dropped to fourth as Swineshead’s Freddy Scrupps (21-9) and Margaret Chester (25-14) both won.

l Strollers 28 (2) Norprint 33 (4): STROLLERS’ Chris Medcalf, Peter Cumberworth and Bernard Woods won 19-14 for the aggregate points as Norprint’s Ted Bloodworth, Margaret Broughton and Barry Barton earned some reward with a 19-9 score.

l Halfpints 51 (6) Breakaways 28 (0): HALFPINTS were too strong for Breakaways, Brian Sansam (25-12) and Mark Brown (26-16) winning.

l Parthians 48 (6) Patriarchs 20 (0): PARTHIANS beat Patriarchs with wins from Phil Sharp (23-10) and Keith Nix (25-10).

Division Three

l Traders 34 (4) Crowns 31 (2): TOP team Crowns did not expect to drop points to basement team Traders - but Ann Quickfall, Cyn Baker and Gordon Neal won 19-15 to earn a shock victory. Peter Copeland’s 16-15 win restored some credibility.

l Vikings 37 (4) Amateurs 33 (2): SECOND-placed Amateurs couldn’t capitalise as the Crowns drop points. Tony Nixon won 18-13 but Vikings’ Jenny Holmes, Pete Jacklin and Doug Staples won the extra points 24-15.

l BBC 29 (0) Highflyers 44 (6): THE Flyers secured all the points against BBC with skips Eric Lewis and Anthony Tabor successful 19-11 and 25-18.

l Burtons 22 (2) Shipmates 33 (4): BURTONS’ Dave Bailey won 14-13, but Shipmates grabbed the extra points through Betty Taylor, Pat Robinson and Ken Jow (20-8).

l Fairways 45 (6) Sibsey 35 (0): Fairways had a good result against Sibsey as Chris Gill, Lorna Locking and Heather Scarboro won 24-17 and Ingrid King, Hazel Smith and Anthea Hall won 21-18.

l Autos 30 (0) Central 40 (6): AUTOS versus Central saw the lower team win all the points. Central skips Brian Hunn and Fred Epton won 19-17 and 21-13.