Bowls league leaders bounce back with a whitewash

FOLLOWING their first defeat of the campaign, Eastenders took out their frustrations on Woodhall...

l Eastenders 67 (6) Woodhall 27 (0): THE leaders Eastenders, after last week’s hiccup against A40, bounced back to win all the points from Woodhall.

Skips Paul Flatters and Ian Clarke were successful 28-16 and 39-11.

l A40 45 (6) IBC 33 (0): A40, fresh from their success against the leaders, saw off the challenge of IBC.

Skips Sheila King and Jim Gott triumphed 21-18 and 24-15, the former scoreline obtained with Sheila leading from the front midway through the game.

l Cosmos 39 (1) Holland Fen 41 (5): SECOND-placed Holland Fen narrowly defeated Cosmos.

Mick and Martin Tomlin were successful 20-18 and with a 21-21 tie.

l Invaders 31 (1) Jolly Farmers 43 (5): JOLLY Farmers produced a really good result.

Shirley Allen, Dick Allen and Joe Moore won 23-11 and Sue Hoyles, John Maury and David Allen shuffled their formation and produced a 20-20 tie.

l Carlton Road 17 (0) Royal Mail 43 (6): CARLTON Road Road versus Royal Mail went to the underdogs the Mailmen.

Skips Keith Thorlby and Steve Todd produced winning scorecards of 17-7 and 26-10.

l Freelanders 41 (6) Stumpers 25 (0): FREELANDERS consolidated their position in the table with maximum points from their game with Stumpers.

Tom Freeston, Mark Freemantle and Stan Lawrence won 18 -15 and Ron Thacker, Paul Scuffham and Jeff Nicholson were successful 23-10.

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Division Two

l Breakaways 39 (4) Kirton Town 32 (2): THE leaders Kirton Town found it hard going this week when matched against second bottom Breakaways.

For the leaders, Ann Kemp, Jill Smith and Dorothy Hawkesworth, leading 16-11, just hung on to win 16-15.

The underdogs’ rink of Jo Dowse, Henry Dowse and Ivan Dilley, 19-8 ahead a 14 ends played, went on to win 24-16 against the Town’s Peter Tracey to claim four very useful points against the odds.

l Swineshead 57 (6) Strollers 20 (0): SECOND-placed Swineshead narrowed Kirton’s lead to just two points when they picked up maximum points.

Janet Vinter won 38-7 against an under-strength Strollers team and Freddy Scrupps had a 19-13 success.

l Feathers 45 (4) Patriarchs (2) 29: THIRD-placed Feathers had to be happy with four points against third-bottom Patriarchs.

For Feathers, Yvonne Smith, Keith Posey and Ian Smith won 26-9.

Maureen Hunn, Derek Hunn and Geoff Dawson - winning 19-12 - dropped counts of 3-5 to lose 20-19 to Patriarchs’ Alan Bristow.

l Boston Park 23 (0) Norprint 49 (6): BOSTON Park did not bring their best game to the green against Norprint and fell on both rinks.

The printers’ skips Tony Hall and Barry Barton had successes of 23-11 and 26-12.

l Golfers 37 (4) Halfpints 32 (2): HALFPINTS are in a mini slump at the moment.

Matched against the Golfers, the rink points were shared but the Golfers picked up the extra points.

For Halfpints, Iris Reeson, Craig Cunningham and Brian Sansam won 18-13.

Replying for the Golfers, Jerry Gill, David Smith and Norman Ablard came from 5-12 down to win 24-14.

l Parthians 50 (6) Punchbowlers 21 (0): PUNCHBOWLERS, in fourth spot, surprisingly fell to Parthians on both rinks.

For Parthians, Mary Cowham, Pauline Atkin and Pete Bedford won 21-15 and Keith Nix (playing in his best position), Albert Batchelor and Phil Sharp won in style 29-6.

Division Three

l Amateurs 28 (1) Crowns 51 (5): THE top game of the evenings play was the leaders Crowns matched against Amateurs, who are in second spot.

The game saw the leaders’ Brian Bates, June Bates and John Adcock winning very easily 34-11.

But the Crowns’ captain Peter Copeland, trailing 10-17, had to pull out all the stops to force a tie 17-17 against Pat Weaver, as the leaders pulled further away at the top.

l Autos 44 (6) Burtons 28 (0): THIRD-placed Autos just claimed all the points against the Burtons.

Margaret Gardner, Phil Purkiss and Graham lack won 25-10, but Alan Bontoft ,Dave Gardner and Norman Wright needed the help of an hotshot count on their way to a 19-18 success.

l Traders 29 (2) Sibsey 34 (4): TRADERS and Sibsey shared the rink points, but it was the higher team Sibsey who claimed the aggregate points.

For Traders, Gordon Neal won 16-13.

Replying for Sibsey, Alan Dunnett was successful 21-13.

l Highflyers 36 (4) Vikings 35 (2): HIGHFLYERS and Vikings shared the rink points, but it was the Flyers - just two points ahead of their opposition - who won the extra points.

For the Flyers, Ivor Roberts, Terry Johns and Eric Lewis were successful 20-11.

Replying for the Vikings, Jenny Holmes, Ralph Sawer and Doug Staples won 24-16, just failing by two shots to win the came overall.

l Central 33 (6) BBC 30 (0): BOTTOM team BBC gave mid-table Central a run for their money.

For the higher team, Brian Hunn came from behind to win15-14 and the Central captain Fred Epton hung on to win 18-16.

l Shipmates 32 (0) fairways 37 (6): THE Fairways picked up maximum points from their game with Shipmates and moved above them in the table.

Skips Heather Scarboro and Carol Nundy had wins of 20-18 and 17-14.

County League

IN THE Lincs County League, the men’s team travelled to Sleaford. However, they suffered a 14-4 defeat.

l THE Trudy Bates Ladies’ County League saw Boston suffer a 14-2 defeat at Stamford.

l BOSTON lost 12-4 to Lincoln on their home rink in the Club Top Team event.