Boxer Mooney claims the Notts & Lincs title

Matthew Mooney celebrates his title.
Matthew Mooney celebrates his title.

Matthew Mooney has won the Notts and Lincs light welterweight title.

The Boston ABC fighter claimed a unanimous victory over Matthew Hutchinson in Lincoln on Friday night.

Boxing away from home is always a challange, but Mooney was in fantastic condition and was totally focused on the job in hand.

Hutchinson, from Nottingham’s Benny’s Boxing Club, was also focused on the bout to come.

Mooney started strongly and his strength was already having the desired effect on his rival.

The Boston boxer won the first round and started the second round as he finished the first.

Mooney’s ring craft was causing Hutchinson problems and he had no desire to mix it with his opponent, the Boston lad again looking comfortable as the bell sounded.

Mooney could sense the belt was within his grasp and just had to keep the troubled Hutchinson at arm’s length for the third and final round.

Offering little threat to Mooney (pictured celebrating with club coaches), Hutchinson was relieved to hear the final bell.

On the same bill, Boston’s Ashley Goddard faced Omar Riseq of Bracebridge ABC.

Riseq was smaller than Goddard and, from the start of the bout, he kept holding on to the Bostonian, the only way he could restrict those powerful punches.

Riseq’s tactics hampered the Boston boxer, but the judges had recognised Goddard’s power and accuracy, awarding him with a win by a unanimous decision.