Bradley succeeds with second-round stoppage

Nina Bradley of Boston ABC.
Nina Bradley of Boston ABC.

BOSTON ABC fighters were in action at the weekend, warming up in readiness for Saturday’s home show.

Competing in Colchester on Friday, Nina Bradley earned a second-round victory after she proved too aggressive and talented for home-town fighter Sara Lambert.

Little Miss Dynamite Bradley put the warnings in place at the start of the first round, the Boston firebrand opening up her opponent’s defences with a two-handed assault that ended in a standing count for Lambert.

Lambert bravely weathered the storm, but two further standing counts came in round two to finish the contest.

Ben Gaunt had the satisfaction of being involved in the fight of the night, although he was defeated by opponent Chris Martin.

Both boxers showed good technique to deliver clean head and body shots, with it being a credit to both that the fight went the distance.

However, the Colchester man’s arm was the one raised.

Fighting in Nottingham, former ABA semi-finalist Nigel Beddington had the experience to get the better of Boston’s Ross Batey.

Batey had energy in reserve and while it was he who was on the offensive for much of the contest, the Macclesfield man used his experience to smother and restrict Batey’s powerful onslaught.

The final Boston fighter, Nick Staples, was Mark Sawyer’s equal in the early exchanges.

Both looked for an opening to deliver a blow to hand them the advantage.

However, Staples started to fade and the Nottingham lad claimed the decision at the end of the tense and tight contest on the night.