Brooks comes close to landing a record

Jimmy Brooks.
Jimmy Brooks.

Westwood Lakes’ Sunday Open was won by Jimmy Brooks... and he almost landed a match record.

Falcon Lake is throwing up the weights rights now, and 14 of the 24 competing anglers returned hauls of more than 100lbs.

Maestro Jimmy (Middy) led the field with a winning weight of 201lbs 5oz, just short of the match record.

Drawn at peg seven, Jimmy fished a top kit shallow on banded pellet to catch mainly F1 carp.

In second was Kev Wadge (Westwood Lakes) on peg nine with 193lbs 15oz.

The third-placed angler was Adam Swain (Sensas A4) from peg 21 with 170lbs 15oz.

Results: 1 Jimmy Brooks (Middy) 201lbs 5oz,2 Kev Wadge (Westwood Lakes) 193lbs 15oz, 3 Adam Swain (Sensas A4) 170lbs 15oz, 4 Mick Stamp (Preston/Sonubaits) 156lbs 0oz, 5 Rick Tweddle (Baitech/WWLakes) 151lbs 3oz.

Saturday’s Open was held on Skylark Lake, with 18 anglers taking part.

Again there were big weights all around the lake.

First place was shared between Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) from peg three and Steve Pell (Westwood Lakes) on peg 24, both recording a weight of 121lbs 0oz at the weigh in.

Martin fished paste down the edge to catch mainly carp to 6lbs, while Steve fished expander pellet across to the island for a mixed bag of fish.

Close behind in third was Dave Wills (Miracle Baits) on peg 28 with 113lbs 2oz.

Results: 1= Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes), Steve Pell (Westwood Lakes) 121lbs 0oz, 2 Dave Wills (Miracle Baits) 113lbs 2oz, 3 Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) 101lbs 2oz, 4 Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) 95lbs 0oz.

Thursday’s Over 50s Open Match saw 40 anglers take part on Skylark Lake.

Clive Wheeler (Miracle Baits) drew on peg 33 and won the match with a bag of 94lbs 0oz. Clive decided to fish sweetcorn down the edge to catch carp to 8lbs.

In second was Ade Freeman (Got Baits) on peg 15 with 76lbs 0oz and the third-placed angler was Fred Bisham (Westwood Lakes) on peg 30 with 71lbs 8oz.

Results: 1 Clive Wheeler (Miracle Baits) 94lbs 0oz, 2 Ade Freeman (Got Baits) 76lbs 0oz, 3 Fred Bisham (Westwood Lakes) 71lbs 8oz, 4 Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes) 70lbs 5oz, 5 Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes) 65lbs 12oz.

Last Tuesday’s Open was fished on Hawk Lake with a field of 20 anglers.

Simon Parker (Angling Direct/DT Floats) made the long trip from Norwich worthwhile, winning the match and the golden peg 13 with 90lbs 6oz.

Simon fished across to the reed bed shallow on worm and feeding caster to catch carp and barbel.

In second was Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) on peg 16 with 82lbs 12oz and Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) was third with 80lbs 0oz from peg four.

Results: 1 Simon Parker (Angling Direct/DT Floats) 90lbs 6oz, 2 Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) 82lbs 12oz, 3 Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) 80lbs 0oz, 4 Steve Pell (Westwood Lakes) 79lbs 0oz, 5 Adam Swain (Sensas A4) 70lbs 0oz.