BSC 1 close the gap in snooker league

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

BSC 1 are now within one point of top spot in the Boston Snooker League’s Snooker Farm Super League following an 8-0 thrashing of struggling BSC 3, who find themselves in a relegation battle.

Wayne Dent, Sean Swinburn, Craig Fitter and Brendan Bowman claimed important victories.

Leaders Shodfriars 20 recorded a 5-3 win over BSC 9.

Rob Johnson and Carl Rowe drew before Paul Raymond beat Darren Christian 2-0.

Mark Ferguson was beaten convincingly by Tom Hill before Chrissy Allwood drew the short straw, playing an in-form Joe Welch, who won scoring big.

BSC 2 continued their winning ways, pulling well clear of the relegation battle by beating BSC 13, 5-3.

Gary Charlton and Adam Cartwright drew, the first frame on the black ball before Lee Ford was then beaten by Adam Brackenbury, again with a black ball frame along the way.

John Sharp took two from Patrick Whiley before Grant Marshall beat Mario Richards.

Breaks: C. Ellis 35, W. Dent 32, 30, J. Sharp 31, P. Raymond 29, 27, 24, T. Hill 24, P. Thorton 21, G. Marshall 20.

Boston Snooker Centre Premier League: BSC 19 2 BSC 12 6, Cons 1 6 Shodfriars 3 2, BSC 8 4 Cons 2 4.

Breaks: G. Middelton 25, D. Forbes 23, N. Harwood 22, S. Dunmore 22, D. Sawer 22, J. Vines 21.

Cotts Builders & Contractors Division One: BSC 10 6 Cons 3 2, Cons 4 5 Cons 5 3, Q Club 2 3 BSC 16 5.

Hundleby Equestrian Centre Division Two: Kirton Leisure 6 BSC 6 2, West End 4 Graves Park 4.

Breaks: I. Parnell 26, E. Taylor 22.