BSC remain on top of snooker league

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

BSC 1 beat BSC 13 8-0 to stay two points clear at the top of the Snooker Farm Super League, with only one game left to play.

Shodfriars 20 did their bit to ensure the last week is interesting as they beat BSC 19 8-0.

The result will likely see the 19 relegated.

BSC 2 beat BSC 3 5-3 to confirm their respective positions of fourth and third.

BSC 4 have avoided relegation after beating BSC 12 5-3.

Breaks: N. Robinson 56, C. Fitter 53, 30, C. Rowe 47, B. Bowman 39, L. Ford 35, D. Newton 33, N. Hutson 32, G.Marshall 31

In the Lincolnshire Handyman Premier League a 6-2 win for BSC 10 over Cons 2 secured their promotion to the Super League. They will have to wait a week to see if they can go up as champions.

Cons 2, on the other hand, will need three points next week to avoid relegation.

Cons 1 beat Shodfriars 3 5-3. Cons will need two points next week to guarantee promotion, while Shodfriars 3 have been relegated.

The highlight of the march was an 82 break by Paul Revell, the highest of the season so far.

BSC 9 beat BSC 8 5-3. Mathematically the 9 could still be promoted, however would need to win big next week and hope Cons 1 lose heavily.

Breaks: P. Revell 82, C. Manning 33, 24, D. Burt 31, 27, I. Dallywaters 30, R. Crunkhorn 25, R. Ladds 23.

In the Cotts Builders and Contractors Division One, BSC 16 didn’t play this week - but they only need four points from two final matches to secure promotion. They’ll want more points than this though as they battle to win the league.

Nearest rivals BSC 5 beat Cons 5 8-0 to put themselves within touching distance of promotion.

Kirton 1 beat Cons 4 6-2 and have a slim chance of pipping BSC 5 to second spot if they can record big wins next week.

BSC 6 have been relegated, it looks as though BSC 7 will join them barring huge wins in their last three games and Cons 4 losing their final game.

Breaks: S. Dawson 23.

The Sam Dawson Building Services Division Two promotion places are all still to play for and it will go down to the wire. Kirton 2 beat BSC 17 7-1 and Graves Park beat BSC 15 5-3 this week.

Breaks: D. Thompson 21, S. Thompson 20.