Camera action aids Charlie


Sport and technology have come together to benefit a local teenager thanks to Lincolnshire County Council’s onlincolnshire project.

Charlie Bonner, a 16-year-old wheelchair basketball player from Kirton, was born with the rare neuromuscular condition known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC).

His condition causes him to experience involuntary contractions around his joints and he attends regular physiotherapy sessions.

During a recent visit to his physiotherapist, Charlie was referred to Franky Mulloy, a Sports Biomechanist at the University of Lincoln, to analyse his technique.

Franky, who also runs onlincolnshire’s Louth Technology Hub at The Meridian Leisure Centre, used the hub’s high-speed cameras to film Charlie in action.

The pair were able to analyse Charlie’s movements in slow motion to assess his strengths and identify areas of his modified technique which could be improved.

Charlie currently plays for the Newark Jaguars under 19 team and attends GB Training Camps.