Cammack wins in seven legs

Dave Hasnip. ENGEMN00120110505164631
Dave Hasnip. ENGEMN00120110505164631

Andy Cammack and Dan Flynn both hit 180s in their seven-leg Boston Friday Night Darts League match.

A 134 finish from Andy set up a deciding leg in the BSC Premiership contest, and momentum saw him win the final leg for a 4-3 victory.

Another seven-legger saw Debra Royal edge past Sam Dawson.

Darren Aucote picked up a 180 as he beat Ady Parker 4-2, while Dave Holland picked off a 119 finish in the opening leg against Chris Royal, Dave going on to win 4-1.

Sam Dawson’s 4-0 victory over Anthony Bennett was closer than the scoreline suggests, while finishes of 88, 80, 60 and 94 saw Dave Hasnip beat Anthony 4-0.


Pizza Perfection Championship: Andy Joyce 4 Paul Grainger 1, Paul Taylor 4 Mark Baily 2, Paul Grainger 4 Jamie Barnes 2, Darren Emmerson 4 Mick Flynn 3, Jamie Barnes 3 Kev Lenton 4, Rob Cade 4 Ben Baggley 1, Mick Flynn 4 Paul Taylor 2.

All Sports Trophies and Engraving Division Two: Matt Grant 4 Shaun Denmead 3, Jimmy Birtwhistle 3 Brian Wilkinson 1, Wally Almond 3 Sophie Marston 0, Rob Scrupps 3 Jake Lammyman 0, Phil Hunt 3 Shaun Denmead 1, Matt Grant 3 Rob Scrupps 0.

C&C TV Division Three: Alison Royal 3 Lou Turner 0, Suzy Watson 1 Di Hunt 2, Debbie Shillitto 3 Beth Royal 0, Muriel Almond 2 Emma Grant 1, Di Hunt 2 Lou Turner 1, Debbie Shillitto 2 Carl Baily 1.