Carlton Road widen bowls league lead to six points

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Leaders Carlton Road have widened their lead at the top of the Boston Indoor Bowls League’s Orchard Health Group Division One to six points.

Playing on the late session against Patriarchs, they secured all six points.

After last week’s hiccup they scored at will to win 34-5 and 25-8.

Their nearest rivals Eastenders let two points slip away to Invaders.

Jonathan West skipped his rink to a win of 27-7, but Paul Flatters lost 19-21 to Scott Whyers.

Holland Fen, in third, looked like they were going to win only two points from their game with A40, but Mick Tomlin closed his losing deficit to 16-20, which saw the Fenmen win the aggregate points.

The Fenmen’s rink of Colin Palmer, George Hardstaff and Ron Flower won the four points with a success of 22-8.

Swineshead, who have been doing well of late, came up against Punchbowlers and surprisingly failed to win a point.

For the Bowlers, Iris Reeson, Bunny Reeson and Andrew Limb won 32-6 and Ian Drury squeezed home 12-11.

The Jolly Farmers versus Norprint game saw five of the six points going to the Farmers. David Allen, Shirley Allen and Tom Richardson won 31-13, while Stuart Moore, Rita Epton and Sue Hoyles drew 17-17.

IBC skip Ted Bourne lost 27-14 to Jo Sharp, Jill Smith and Keith Sharp, while Richard White fell 21-7 to the trio of Debbie Harrison, Neil Harrison and Alan Hill.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, the top three all delivered good results this week.

Leaders Strollers defeated bottom team the Crowns thanks to winning scorecards of 25-12 to Bernard Woods and 22-11 for Alan Everitt.

Second-placed Boston Park saw skips Geoff Harris and Clare Britchford successful by 18-12 and 19-14.

Third-placed Feathers beat the Poachers as Brian Simpson, Derek Hunn and Brian Sansam won 19-13 and Maureen Hunn, Fleur Simpson and Geoff Dawson triumphed 18-15.

Central were matched against Amateurs.

Amateurs’ Olive Fenner, George Phillips and Mich Greet won 16-8, but Central’s Tony Hill, Fred Epton and Malc Nichols responded 22-21.

Parthians versus Red 5 was close, with Red 5 winning the aggregate points. For Parthians, Pauline Atkin won 23-20 but, replying for Red 5, Bob Lody won 16-23.

Breakaways’ Jan Currie, Carol Dowse and Ivan Dilley snuck home 16-15, while an 18-12 result on the other rinks saw the Golfers go home empty-handed.

In the Cammacks Division Three, Autos faced Dynamics and picked up all six points with wins of 22-11 and 24-11 for skips Bernard Skelton and Jeff Homewood.

Second-placed Cosmos won six points.

The Vikings fell on both rinks 31-18 and 25-10 to Cosmos skips Jean and Bob Thompson.

The Cosmos have a game in hand and are three points behind. On paper they are favourites to win the title.

Fairways were matched against bottom team Nomads.

Doing well for the bottom team were Jill Otten, Colin Heppenstall and Ken Burr who picked up a last-end count of four to win a point with a 20-all tie againstFairways’ Carol Nundy.

The rest of the points were won for the Fairways by Jackie Ward, Barbara Slade and Anthea Hall with a success of 23-15.

The Traders versus U3 game saw the former winning against the odds.

Gordon Neal won 23-17 and Sid Coultan ran away to take it 22-8.

Third-placed Sibsey were pushed all the way by Shipmates and only just won the aggregate points.

For the lower team, Ted Vere won 13-17, and replying for Sibsey, Alan Dunnett triumphed 25-20.