Castle, Fen make final

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CASTLE, Mareham Le Fen, Wigtoft and BBC have all booked places in a bowls cup final...

Jubilee Cup

CASTLE and Mareham le Fen have booked their places in the Jubilee Cup final.

Castle had close wins on all three rinks to narrowly win their semi-final, beating Sibsey Millers 48-41.

Mareham le Fen beat Good Fellowship by six shots to win 53-47.

They will face one another on September 2 at Woodhall Spa.

Powell Trophy

WIGTOFT won well on all three rinks against Freiston, and go on to the final at Woodhall with a 70-42 score under their belts.

The derby game saw BBC II lose to BBC I in a competitive game. The result sheet shows two 23-shot wins for BBC I, countered by a good rink win to BBC II, giving a 41-61 result.

The BBC team now meet Wigtoft in the final on the Woodhall Town green, starting at 6pm with a £2 match fee per player.

Division One

FREISTON played one short in their home match with Sleaford Road. and it showed with that rink losing 10-31, giving a 2-6 (36-72) result.

Forbes Road had a convincing win at home to West End, succeeding 8-0 (68-36).

Division Two

WEST Skirbeck and Wrangle had a close game, with the away side winning two rinks well.

The home rink of R. Rutherford, T. Hill and D. Wright won 23-6 to earn the 4-4 (48-44) finish.

Friskney beat West End 6-2.

Stickney were beaten at home by Billinghay, 0-8 (34-60).

Wrangle A finished well in their home match with Friskney, who are not easy to beat.

A close rink win each saw D. Foster and his rink winning 21-14 to clinch the game.

Division Three

KIRTON A did well at Donington, with a 1-7 (40-63).

Sibsey Strollers had two very good rink wins at home to Woodhall Nymphs to win 6-2 (70-62) result.

Division Four

SIBSEY Traders came close at home to Freiston B, with an 11-shot rink win each and with the J. Millership rink winning by two shots for the away side in the 2-6 (50-52) result.

Forbes Road B struggled on two rinks losing out to opponents Sibsey Traders, 2-6 (45-54).