Castle see off Sleaford Road in close bowls contest

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LATEST Coningsby Bowls League report...

Division One

TWO close rinks and a 24-6 win by Stan Avison, S. Bradley and captain T. Scholey were the features of Castle win at home to Sleaford Road, giving a 55-35 (7-1) result.

Without some of their regulars, Castle did well at Forbes Road, with captain T. Scholey and his rink winning by just one shot to swing the game 45-58 (2-6).

A close match between Sibsey Millers and Mareham le Fen saw the hosts edge it 57-45 (5-3) result.

Sleaford Road A lost at home to West End B 52-53 (2-6).

Division Two

DESPITE a close 14-15 win, Good Fellowship went down to two wins by the home side Billinghay, giving a 51-41 (6-2) finish.

With two substantial rink wins, Jubilee Park didn’t manage maximum points against West End A but succeeded 72-30 (6-2) finish. A rink win each at Wrangle, saw the hosts claim the third to beat Sibsey Strollers 60-52 (6-2) finish.

One rink each and a substantial 34-9 win on the third were the features of the Jubilee Park versus Wrangle B game, to give a 64-42 (6-2) result.

A close aggregate finish at Billinghay saw visitors Frieston just taking the other two to give a 53-52 (4-4) result.

Division Three

A CLOSE rink win each in the BBC II and Stickney game saw A.H. Batchelor and his rink taking the third for the home side to give a 50-44 (6-2) finish.

Three good rink wins in the West Skirbeck versus Heckington match saw two going to the away team to give them a 52-63 (2-6) victory.

Division Four

DONINGTON A, at home to Wigtoft, won on two rinks but couldn’t quite match the 11-20 win by G. Dawson, P. Brigham and G. Dawson, giving a drawn game 45-46 (4-4).

In the derby game at Donington, the second team appeared to dominate with a one shot win by G. Simpson and his rink being the only return for the A side, giving a 57-40 (6-2) result.

Geoff. Sharpe and his rink had a good win for Swineshead at home to Sleaford Road B, who narrowly won on the other two to draw the game 57-52 (4-4).

A good game at Wigtoft with one rink tied and tight results on the other two in the game with Forbes Road B to give a 56-55 (5-3) result.

Division Five

A CLOSE rink win each, with the home rink of A. Nichols, L. White and R. Clayton getting the third 20-13 were the features of the Gosberton versus Boston Park match giving a 55-46 (6-2) finish.

A one shot rink win each in the Sibsey Traders versus Kirton B game with Margaret Wells, Walter East and John Garden taking the third for the home side 21-12 giving a 52-44 (6-2) finish.