Charlene claims an early TKO

Charlene Middlebrook.
Charlene Middlebrook.
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Boston Amateur Boxing Club fighter Charlene Middlebrook finished her season on a high - with a dominant first-round technical knockout victory.

Middlebrook fought home-town figher Jodie Smith in York, on a show hosted by Henry’s Gym.

Smith was favourite to win, as she weighed in in 2.5k heavier and looked eager to get the contest underway.

However, the Bostonian was equally as keen to get on with the job and also win over the crowd.

Both girls were welcomed by a full house and if Middlebrook was nervous, she didn’t show it.

From the start, Smith was finding Middlebrook hard to contain, as the Boston boxer unleashed an all-out attack on her opponent.

Smith was saved from the barrage of punches being offloaded on her early on as the referee came to her rescue.

After Smith received a standing count, Middlebrook sensed that victory was in sight.

As she carried on in the manner that she had begun and the bout became painful to watch as the girl from York suffered her second standing count of the contest.

With only around 45 seconds of the contest gone, the opposing corner retired their boxer and Middlebrook claimed her technical knockout victory.

With the season ending, Boston ABC have temporarily closed their doors for a summer break.

For information about opening times over the summer, log on to