Chasing pack lose ground in bowls league

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

The top three all picked up maximum points in the Orchard Health Group Division One of the Boston Indoor Bowls League - and the chasing pack will now need miracles to close the margin.

Carlton Road were matched against IBC, with Les Feary (35-11) and Chris Gill (26-12) earning their 6-0 scoreline.

Holland Fen found Invaders stronger opposition but still won the points with Keith French winning 16-13 and Mick Tomlin triumphant 23-18.

Eastenders are pressing the top two but trail the leaders by five points.

Matched against Swineshead, skips Jonathan West (32-5) and Paul Flatters (27-10) kept them in the hunt.

A40 managed to win against Punchbowlers, despite the Bowlers winning more ends.

It was a case of A40 picking up big counts on three ends which turned the game in their favour as skips Sheila King and Jean Cammack happily picking up the points 18-15 and 23-17.

Royal Mail beat Jolly Farmers with wins for Keith Sharp (26-14) and Keith Thorlby (15-14).

Patriarchs versus Norprint was an overall win for Patriarchs.

Alan Bristow won 20-13 but, replying for Norprint, Jeff Nicholson succeeded 17-22.

Those two Norprint points, however, pushed IBC into the bottom birth.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, it is so close at the top with any one of five teams capable of claiming the promotion spot.

Leaders Red 5 are persistent in winning four points from their games.

Matched against Breakaways they again shared the rink points this week, relying on Hilary Mees, Nick Whitmore-Brown and Bob Lody to win the aggregate points when they were successful 27-19.

Feathers, just one point behind, finished in top spot when they won all six from their game with the Burtons.

Geoff Dawson won 23-5 and Bill Mortlock picked up the rest of the points when he won 17-12.

Strollers, in third, looked like they had a difficult game against the Golfers but it did not materialise as skips Alan Everitt and Bernard Woods finished strongly to win 21-10 and 24-17.

Parthians are playing with great consistency and are now looking a solid team.

Matched against the Crowns, Pete Bedford skipped is rink to a win of 23-17 and Sandra McDonald won 24-14.

Fifth-placed Boston Park also put in a good performance with rink wins of 28-10 and 29-11 for Alan Batchelor and Clare Britchford against Amateurs.

Central, matched against Poachers, managed to win one point thanks to skip Pete Sharman who tied 19-19.

Eric Ulyatt won the rest of the points for Poachers with a success of 26-12 .

In the Cammacks Division Three, leaders Autos faced a very difficult game against third-placed Sibsey, but came out of it on top.

Alan Bontoft, Rob Walters and Jeff Homewood were in scintillating form and won 23-9 while Sheila Skelton, Tom Freeston and Bernard Skelton won 24-14.

The Autos are looking like a certain bet for promotion.

Nomads, in the bottom spot, put up a great performance against fourth-placed Highflyers before losing by five shots overall.

But this saw the Flyers pick up all the points with rink wins of 19-16 and 19-17.

Vikings proved to strong for the Fairways with Keith Stones and Doug Staples successful 23-18 and 26-12.

Shipmates matched against Traders saw five of the six points going to the higher team Shipmates.

For Traders, Sid Picked up counts of 3-1 to tie 19-19.

Replying for Shipmates, Ted Vere won 16-11.

Dynamics would be very pleased with their win this week against U3 and are at long last getting to grips with the speed of the carpet.

For U3, Neil Owen picked up a last end count of one to win 15-16.

Replying for Dynamics, Graham Wilkinson skipped his rink to a 22-6 success for four points.